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Mar 3, 2010 04:50 PM

msp: curry 'n noodles hopkins

looks like this place just opened up downtown hopkins, im tempted on trying it out tomorrow for lunch.. if anyone has already been there, lmk what you thought of it

and you could smell it from down the street! smelled fantastic

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  1. menu looks good prices though

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    1. re: buenosds

      i attempted to stop by there earlier today, they arent open yet, but im totally stoked for it

    2. I live in the neighborhood and drive by EVERY day. They sure look like they're ready to open any day now - They've polished up the place quite a bit and the menu looks amazing. My wife and I are tickled that we'll be able to get fresh naan right down the street!! I'm going to wager they'll be open this week! I can't wait!

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      1. First person who goes, please give us a review, an idea of prices, and whether you have to wait for a table. thanks!

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        1. re: mesafoodie

          well i went today, its a buffet style place, basically you just go in, and sit down, they bring out water and you grab your food
          i got a to-go box, and it was $11.79, however i was told it was cheaper to eat in, but i didnt have time to eat in

          it says its indo-chinese, but it seemed like it was more indian than chinese

          so it was mostly indian offerings, im no indian food expert, but i thought what i had grabbed was good, however the tandori chicken(if that was what was labeled) seemed dry, but my favorite thing of what i put in my box was the chicken tikka masala, it was pretty good, slow sneaky spicy made me sweat a little, on the Thai hotness scale i would give it a 2, as it was hotter than most stuff i would normally eat, but it wasnt extremely hot, it was pretty enjoyable, again, im not an indian food guy, but i thought it was pretty good, i will most likely go back, but not for lunch(at least when im working and if i have more time)

        2. Hi

          The curry 'n noodles hopkins restaurant looks nice. It has a Daily Lunch Buffet and A la Carte for dinner.

          From Jane W