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Mar 3, 2010 04:46 PM

Bayside lunch recommendation

Looking for a nice place in the Bayside (Queens) area for a Sunday afternoon lunch with good food and where we won't be rushed. Any thoughts? TIA.

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  1. Press 195. I love the cubano, the roasted beet salad and the sangria. Standard order with a side of pomme frites and a pitcher of sangria for sharing. The soups are pretty good too. Very solid place.

    Press 195
    40-11 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11361

    1. Press 195: panini style potato knish stuufed with pastrami! Wow!

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        Had dinner here yesterday and it was very good. I loved the draft beer selection including a Radeberger pilsner and Mothers Milk stout. The fries were excellent and much better then the ones I had at a french bistro the night before. Salads were nice and the sandwiches although a little expensive were very tasty particularly my roast pork and cheese. A nice laid back vibe with good service.

      2. I want to try Press 195. Haven't yet. Heard they deliver but not sure if they will deliver where I live.

        1. Tried Press 195 and now have been there three times with my wife for dinner. Great casual place and the food is terrific. Service is hit or miss depending on who you get, but good overall. Try the Outrage IPA, the house salad, the fries with chipotle mayo. Good paninis include the pastrami ruben, the ham and brie, and the buffalo chicken. The burger was also excellent. Their secret is fresh ingredients and light; dry panini rolls. Enjoy!