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Mar 3, 2010 04:12 PM

Geez, You Would Think That the San Diego Board is in Hibernation

If you aren't tracking all the deleted and moved posts.

Back on subject, I am planning an April/May vacation to San Diego.

Where should I eat? I can move my locations and itinerary to accommodate Chow worthy destinations.

P.S. Medium cost and great ethnic of all kinds asked for, I think I have a handle on the "Best of the High End" venues, i.e. Addisons, Market, Mr. A's, etc., but all input is welcome.

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  1. i did a search for you to bring up all the "best of" threads by title - there are tons of individual topics covered (fish tacos, burgers, BBQ, Mexican, sushi, coffee, dessert, name it!), and it's actually a convenient way to start wading through all the existing info until everyone chimes in with more recs.

    here you go!

    1. I know it can be a pain on this board to just find out what restaurants people like without constraints by neighborhood or cuisine, so here are some of my recommendations:

      Cucina Urbana, Cowboy Star, Kaito, Yakitori Yakyudori, Starlite, Wine Vault and Bistro, Sab E Lee, Urban Solace, Ba Ren, Jayne's Gastropub, Izakaya Sakura, Kous Kous, South Beach Bar and Grill (will be a controversial recommendation).

      I see from your profile you're from Mexico so I didn't include any Mexican places. I did include SBBG for the fish tacos, which are decidedly un-Mexican and delicious nonetheless.

      1. For a friday dinner or sat/sun lunch or late afternoon snack be sure to check out the Copper Chimney truck - some of the best south Indian fare to be had in these parts...or maybe anywhere! The other two members of San Diego's Indian trifecta (Surati Farsan Mart and Punjabi Tandoor) are nearby. I've heard buzz about Delhi Kitchen as well, but haven't checked it out yet. All these places would fall in the 'inexpensive ethnic' category.

        1. add:
          Okan--homestyle Japanese
          Yakitori Ramen and (soon to be Yakitori)
          Kaito (technically in Encinitas)
          Yu Me Ya (also in Encinitas)
          Buga Korean BBQ
          Izakaya Sakura
          Tsuruhashi Japanese BBQ

          1. The places I eat at as often as I can are:
            Super Cocina
            Blind Lady Alehouse

            And if it weren't for the calories: Lefty's Chicago pizza