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Mar 3, 2010 02:42 PM

Where have you had the best Toro sushi or sahimi.... not to confused

with a whole omakase meal, but merely the best toro (aka fatty tuna)?

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  1. At a sushi bar in Tsukiji Fish Market. Second Best was at Shibucho in Costa Mesa. Damn Im getting hungry...

      1. Finding the best toro (o-toro) is like trying to hit a moving target, i.e., largely a matter of timing. It depends on the quality of toro available and on hand at any given time. Moreover, many Itamae save their very best for their very best customers, those who they know and trust will appreciate it to the fullest.

        Shibutani-san at Shibucho in Costa Mesa has given me more opportunities over the past eight years to enjoy what I have considered “the best o-toro I’ve ever had” than any other sushi bar that I frequent. In fact, the last time I visited him, about two weeks ago, I was treated to what I call “Heavenly Toro”; literally unreal – ultra fatty, ridiculously heavily marbled and melt-in-your mouth tender. You could suck it through a straw. Notably, Shibutani-san retrieved it from one of his cold storage units behind the bar. It was wrapped in multiple layers of saran wrap and cloth like a treasured possession. His entire demeanor seamed to mellow and recluse as he prepared it – as if performing a sacramental rite. He stood in front of me and watched with a humble smile as I consumed the first piece. My satisfaction was obvious and instantaneous.

        I noted that then, as on most previous occasions when I was afforded similar, I was the only or one of the only patrons present at the time. On each of these occasions, I thank and tip bountifully.

        1. O-toro:
          (1) Sushi Kanesaka, Tokyo 2008
          (2) Place Yuu, Sawtelle 2006
          (3) Urasawa, Beverly Hills 2008

          (1) Narumiya, Chofu (outside Tokyo) 2009
          (2) Mori Sushi, West LA 2009
          (3) Kiriko, Sawtelle 2008

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          1. re: J.L.

            Ok, I like that list. Sushi Kanesaka in Tokyo, how much was that per person and how much would it also be per piece of toro in US dollars, of course?

            For LA, a visit to Mori Sushi may now be in store as well as Shibucho in Costa Mesa(haven't been there in a few years now).

          2. Kama toro and o-toro at Urasawa, though the kama toro wasn't raw.