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Mar 3, 2010 02:35 PM

Best shrimp po boy in Seattle? Help!

Coming to Seattle for a day and a half. I am pregnant and MUST have the best shrimp po boy! Please advise. Many thanks!

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  1. I know that Casper's serves a shrimp po-boy, but haven't tried it. Everything that I have tried that comes out of the fryer has been quite good. He's north of Seattle with one location in Shoreline and one in Lake Forest Park. (

    If you're willing to try a different twist on a shrimp sandwich, Paseo also has a shrimp sandwich (sauteed shrimp) that is quite good.

    1. I've enjoyed the shrimp po boy at the New Orleans in Pioneer Square.

      1. A friend told me that she loved her shrimp po' boy at Island Soul in Columbia City.

        1. Oh boy. They just don't make them that good here at all (compared to new Orleans). The bread is too hard, the shrimp are pacific, not gulf, and the dress is too dainty. That said, the Columbia City Ale House does great Po Boys when they do them. They're usually fish, though.

          1. It may not technically be in Seattle, but the best shrimp po boy you'll find in the area is at Grinders. Head north on Aurora, it's around 198th.

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              Hey-- thanks for the tip bergeo-- I've been looking for a reason to check out Grinders. I'll head there this weekend!