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Mar 3, 2010 02:27 PM

Cool location for a baby shower

Look, I've read enough Chowhound to realize that people respond viscerally to these words:


But my best friend is pregnant and some of us want to celebrate her & the coming babies with a small shower - around 10 women total. The knocked-up one loves English tea service (blame her year abroad,) Mexican food (blame her childhood neighborhood) and cheese (blame it for being awesome) -based comfort food. And we want to make her happy.

We will probably not be opening too many gifts since she lives out of NYC and would have to schlep everything home on the plane. But we would like to play some games - like assembling random baby body parts from magazines to create collages of what we think her kids will look like. So someplace that wouldn't mind 9 slightly tipsy women feting our friend.

Good food, not too $$$, either a private room or someplace we'll annoy less people, possibly baby friendly if some can't find a sitter.


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