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Mar 3, 2010 02:07 PM

Calgary Business dinner

Going back to Calgary next week (visiting from Vancouver) and I'm wondering where to go with some customers for dinner. We've been to Carvers, Tangerine Supper Club, River Cafe and another one next door to the Fairmont Palliser (can't remember the name but it was new last year and excellent)

Where should I hit up this year? I understand that it is Dine-out Calgary so this may or may not affect our ability to get in somewhere.



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  1. I'd suggest Chef's Table at the Kensington Riverside Inn. Very good food and great atmosphere.

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    1. re: katericht

      Kate have you been since Theo Yeaman left? Just wondering if things have changed with Jeff Park at the helm.

      1. re: maplesugar

        alau says Park is doing a superb job- I'd have no worries, but I do wonder where Theo is these days.

        rb, you're thinking of Rush, and I agree it's a great choice. In addition to Chef's Table, may I suggest Capo or Centini? Both are great and very much biz-friendly.

        1. re: John Manzo

          Rush, you're right. It was great. Had the tasting menu last time. We are staying downtown again so are any of these suggestions within walking distance of the Palliser?

          1. re: rb_rangers7

            How about Charcut? It's in the le Germaine Hotel just across the street from the Palliser, it just opened last week and it's very good. A little more casual than Rush.

            1. re: rb_rangers7

              Centini is, rest are cab/LRT ride away- do you want walking distance from Palliser?

              hsk reco of Charcut looks really promising- and any resto on the 100 SE or SW block of Stephen Ave is a 5-minute walk, tops, from Palliser.

      2. I second Chef's Table. Capo and Rush are really good as well. Chef's Table and Capo are quite small, so they both have a really nice intimate setting. Rush has really good food and the decor is beautiful.

        1. Belvedere and Muse were always two of my favorite places to take clients.

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            I second Muse. Love it... I would recommend Vero in Kensington but they are only doing the Dine Out menu that week.

          2. Rouge over in Inglewood well worth the cab ride over. And Capo as a back-up as well.

            1. Divino's, Murrietta's, Blink and The Trib are all on 8th Avenue and easy walking from the Palliser.