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Mar 3, 2010 02:04 PM

Paris cheap eats suggestions--I'll start with a few

someone in another thread mentioned that while there are lots of posts for the best tacos in LA, there's not any kebab discussion on the Paris board, so I thought maybe it's time to start a thread about cheap food in paris. Let's try to keep this under 10 euros a head:

I'll start with a few:

1. a little manouche stand on rue Rambuteau a few steps away from the Pompidou. I've tried a feew manouche (Lebanese flat bread with topping, like a sphiha but thinner and tastier!) places in Paris, this was my favorite.

2. Chez Marianne (2, Rue des Hospitalières Saint-Gervais 75004 , 4th Arrondissement,) & L'as de Falafel (rue de Rosier) tie as my favorite falafel places. Chez Marianne is much less known and less crowded, also what I like is that their sandwich is messier than others (more stuff on top!), and it's less salty than L'as de Falafel.

3. The orange (color not fruit) crepe stand near outside of Les Halles (you may have to walk around the entire perimeter to find it, I don't remember what street it's the closes to, it's been a while).

4. Lao Lanxang--ok, this is not going to be under 10 euros for a meal, but if you get just one dish and rice, it COULD come in under 10! best Laotian food I've ever had (which is not much, but this was the best)

5. my healthy desserts place when it opens!! (still a looooong way to go, as we haven't even found a location/name/license/anything yet...heeeheee, but I'm just so excited about it!)

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  1. How about those sandwiches sold at most bakeries? Can't recall the price, but it's not much. You can add a Napolean or eclair!

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      Lots of bakeries will have a lunch menu (take out) that includes a sandwich/baguette, cake and drink. The choice is usually limited to certain sanwiches/baguettes and the of the day but they are good value designed for hungry office workers. Head to an area with lots of offices and the competition will be stronger. When I worked there these came out at about €7 but the prices may have risen.

    2. Les Anges Gourmands is a tiny storefront + hidden dining room on lower Rochechouart. You choose among excellent panini, build you own salad combinations, some half dozen or so hot dishes. People line up and out the door at lunchtime to eat in, take plates back to their workplaces or to compose plates to take home for dinner. They sell out of favorites early in the day. As I remember, we never spent €10 each for lunch, closer to €5.

      "Foodies" on lower Montorgueil is a soup and sandwich bar that lets you build your salad plate for €5.50, piling it high with well seasoned choices: curried carrots, lentils, haricots vertes, celery root, mushrooms, ham, tuna salad and much, much more. Soups also available by cup or bowl.

      One of my favorite Asian trateurs is next door to the Bar du Marche on rue Buci. Quite decent dim sum are €.70 each. I've never ordered them, but they do a huge business in salmon and tuna sushi . You can build a plate by asking for steam table items by the gram. When I am coming off a big meal and looking forward to another big dinner, I often order 200 grams of Thai salad and a couple of dim sum, for a tab of around €5.

      Then, once every visit or so, we'll have a Gyro Greek sandwich and fries smothered in tzatziki and harrissa usually just under €5.

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      1. re: mangeur

        3 courses for about 7e can be had at the Foyer de la Madeleine, is in the basement of the Madeleine church. The church ladies sell lunch to support their charities, no cheaper sit down 3 course in town but it is very basic.

        1. re: f2dat06

          Even if they've been served here for years, bánh mi have passed under...or perhaps that should be beneath the radars of other posters on this board. According to the 'New Yorker' and other reliable sources these Vietnamese sandwiches are all the rage in New York, but at 3 euros a pop they have long been a staple for the cash-straightened but discerning Parisian. After much research in Belleville, the 13th, and further afield (the ones at Tang freres are to be avoided) friends and I have come to the conclusion that the best ones are sold by the guy on the rue Montgallet, though he's recently been joined by the lady who sells them from her tiny boutique at the bottom of the rue Volta, on the odd numbers side of the street and who also makes bubble tea.

          On the rue de faubourg st denis (perhaps the mecca for cheap good quality street food in Paris ar the moment), around no's 11 0r 13, there's a Turkish place that just serves soup. They have yoghurt soup, lentil soup, chicken soup, tripe soup, and a dish with beans, at bit like the Arab Chourba. I like the tripe and the lentil soups - the lentil is especially good with a few teaspoons of the garlic and vinegar sauce, a sort of Oriental version of British mint sauce. that they serve there. Each bowl comes with a mountain of Turkish bread, and at 3.50 a pop is a steal. The restaurant, particularly during the winter months is always packed.

          Higher up on the same street, at around number 46, I think, is Urfa Durum Chez Salami. Here the menu is simalarly limited. Lamachun: Turkish, or here anyway, Kusdish pizza that you rap around lettuce, onion, rocket, flat leaf parsley, and mint. 2 euros a pop. There are also "sandwiches" constructed around kurdish tortilla-like flatbreads - I particularly like the lamb's liver, though be sure to ask for it rare. 5.50 E. Salami, the owner, also makes his own "ayran" yoghurt drink.

          1. re: vielleanglaise

            Vielleanglaise, have you had the banh mi at Saigon Sandwich in Belleville? I thought it was pretty tasty but it was also the first I'd ever tasted so I have no idea if that was the real deal or not. How does it measure up against the one you recommend on rue Montgallet?

            1. re: schtroumpfette

              I have, and they are very good. The one's on the rue Montgallet have better bread, and I like the fact that they sell two kinds of sandwiches, chicken, and the the "special" and that's it. But I don't know if it's worth schleping out there unless you need a mother-board or something for your computer from one of the computer shops that proliferate there and that are almost all run by Asians...hence the sandwiches.

            2. re: vielleanglaise

              Chère Anglaise,
              (I can never say the other part of your name.)
              If you were in front of me I'd be holding on to your legs and begging.
              "he's recently been joined by the lady who sells them from her tiny boutique at the bottom of the rue Volta, on the odd numbers side of the street and who also makes bubble tea."
              By bottom of rue Volta, do you mean the section nera rue au Maire?

              1. re: Parigi

                Caro Parigi,

                It's pronounce "Vee yay".

                The address is 7 rue de Volta. The sandwiches are a euro more expensive than in Belleville and the 13th, but I think they're worth it. The cheerful and working behind the counter enthusiastically explains how she slowly stews the meat and prepares the special sauce she puts over the sandwiches and will happily chat about her own fare and that of the neigbouring restaurants - there's a good sechuanais there.

                1. re: vielleanglaise

                  "there's a good sechuanais there."

                  Yes that is an excellent boui-boui. Spicy stuff though.
                  Am going tomorrow for the Viet sandwich & bubble tea, merci !
                  (If Soup still doesn't get a sex change, neither will I, which would make me technically a "cara".)

                  1. re: vielleanglaise

                    "7 rue de Volta"
                    Just came home; couldn't find it, boohoo.
                    7 rue Volta IS the Sichuanese place "Lac de l'Ouest" (the Chinese name is actually "Regular Home Cooking"; impactful, huh?).
                    Quite a few of the eateries on the stree are closed, including the Sichuanese boui boui. I went into every one that was open looking for anything that looks like Viet Sandwiches and bubble tea. No dice. Misère !

                    1. re: Parigi

                      First of all a belated scusate for the imposed sex-change...then I don't know what to say for the lack of sandwiches at said address: I stumbled across the place a month or so ago. The address, I think, is right: I found this link to the restaurant It's really tiny. No tables. It could be that they close on Sundays. Also, it's the school holidays...? I'll go down in the next couple of days and see if I am delusional.

                      1. re: vielleanglaise

                        You are not delusional! Parigi, there is absolutely no awning, sign, nada, so if you went on a Sunday I'm not surprised you missed it. I went today, it was great. Thanks V. Anglaise! There's a small print-out sign on her door indicating the name of the place is Banh-Mi. I ordered 2 chicken sandwiches, one spicy. So good. I wouldn't say the chicken was better than Saigon Sandwich but the bread was superior and I felt it had a little extra something special that I can't put my finger on.

                          1. re: Parigi

                            Been there, done it, got the bbq pork bahn mi. It totally delivered. Merci, chère Anglaise.

                            What's with the food fengshui of 7 rue Volta? On one side there is the best Sichuannais. On the other side the underground Bahn Mi joint…

                    2. re: vielleanglaise

                      > It's pronounce "Vee yay".

                      You've left out an "i", however.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. There are many great 5 euro sandwich grec/kebab places all over town, but the best ones still use baguettes for the sandwich, and not the cheap, nasty, little bun of some sort that is now passed off as "authentic, eastern-style bread" in these things. Even tougher to find and better are the places that still use fresh frites.

                How can you go wrong with fresh (not frozen) frites?

                1. At Zoe Bouillon on rue Rebeval you could have soup + savory or sweet treat for under 10 euro.