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Mar 3, 2010 02:02 PM

foodie friends visiting NYC

I have some friends visiting Manhattan from LA for a long weekend. They are into good food and a good scene. I was wondering what you all would all suggest as the MUST HIT places if you only have 3 days in NY. Not looking for very formal/fancy places, but hot spots that also have great food, unique to NY, and preferably south of 23rd street.

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  1. Any requirements on budget, including tax, tip, and wine/drinks? When are they coming? Where do you think they should go, to give us a starting point...

    Can you give us more details on if they prefer to make reservations or be more spontaneous, what cuisines they like, atmosphere (quiet, loud, crowded, hip, buzzy, serene, etc.), any dietary considerations, anything specific they're looking for? Overall, the more context you give us, the more we can help you. Also once you have an itinerary, it's also A LOT easier to give feedback.

    Very few restaurants in Manhattan still require a jacket. I believe that none require a tie any longer. A lot of the nicer restaurants in town have many clientele who wear designer jeans to their meals but pair with a sport coat and button down shirt.

    For friends coming from LA who are hardcore foodies, I might say Scarpetta, Spotted Pig, Degustation, Casa Mono, but it's hard to recommend without knowing their tastes. Maybe Shake Shack if they're curious how it stacks up to In'n'Out. Did you look into any of the Momofukus?

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      Thanks Kathryn. I was thinking Momofuku and Degustation for sure. I am reading through the rest of these posts. Thanks.