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Mar 3, 2010 01:45 PM

Potenza, Poste or Ris?

I know that's an odd mix. I'm going with a small group for dinner next week. For various and sundry reasons that are definitely not worth repeating, these are the 3 choices the group can agree on. They've somewhat left it to me at this point to decide among the three since I visit places like Chowhound. :) (Love the control - wish I'd had more over the winnowing down!) :)

So . . . which would you choose? I've not been to any (well, Poste for brunch and it was good.) And it seems that Potenza doesn't get the greatest of reviews.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I haven't been to all three, so I can't do a direct comparison, but have been to Ris recently (and like you, only brunch at Poste). We had a great time at Ris, they were so accomodating and the service was very professional. Food was wonderful, and there's a wide range of options- good for a group. I had the salmon and a seafood terrine, someone else in the group had the potpie and the gnudi, which he loved. My salmon was perfectly cooked, which I really appreciated. The have interesting daily specials (which I didn't see on their online menu), that you can pick and choose from. So although the special looks like a "price fixe", you can actually pick just an app or just an entree from the specials list and mix with the regular menu.

    For a new restaurant, I didn't get the feel of any "kinks", everything went very smoothly and everyone loved their dishes. I'd recommend it.

    1. Haven't been to Ris, so I can't comment there, and I've only had drinks at Poste. If it was during the summer, I'd do there - the patio is great. But otherwise, I found the indoor space to be so-so, and the menu seemed well-chosen but limited give the description of your group.

      I've been to Potenza more than a few times because it's so close to me, and after the first two I only ever order appetizers and pizza. Their pizza is great, it's true. Everything else...just isn't that great. Including the service.

      So, that's my two cents. From the previous review, sounds like you should go to Ris.

      1. Poste.

        Potenza is really hit or miss food and service wise and Ris just hasn't impressed me the two times I've been there-granted once was during restaurant week.

        1. Well, I'm sure that the OP made up their mind long ago, but I just wanted to update having finally eaten at Ris and Poste over the last week.

          Poste. Unless it's primarily about cocktails - then Ris. But the capretto I had at Poste totally outclassed the lamb I had at Ris. Also tried the beef tartare and the gazpacho, and both were great also. While service was also good at Ris, our server at Poste, Jeff, was generally more helpful, but in a very unobstrusive way.

          I've also since heard that Ris has something of a lighting problem, vis a vis the west wall being a huge window that they can't put a shade over due to some kind of fire code restriction.

          1. After the excellent meal I had at Ris over Restaurant Week I would have to recommend Ris. It's a great neighborhood restaurant, will variety on the menu (meaning it can please a group) and good service.

            Also if it's nice outside you can sit at one of the outdoor tables---always an added bonus.

            Oh and if you happen to love meatloaf like me, try to go to Ris when they have meatloaf night. It's the best preperation of the dish in the city!

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              The meatloaf at Ris was awesome.