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Mar 3, 2010 01:26 PM

A foodie couple visiting from LA with 8 month old baby

My husband and I will be visiting NYC with our 8 month old baby Mon through Fri (no weekend) in May. We will likely be staying at the Four Seasons at 57th and Park. Though we haven't finalized any plans, we would love to go to MOMA, the Met, the Natural History Museum, the Public Library and Central Park. Can you recommend any places for breakfast, lunch and dinner near these places that are baby-friendly? We love all sorts of food, as long as it's good, and price point doesn't matter, as long as it's baby-friendly. If we could fit in a good pizza place and a place for bagels, that would be great.

Our 8th year anniversary also happens to fall during that week. We're hoping to get a sitter and go out for one fantastic meal. After looking at these boards, on the list so far are Babbo, EMP, Momofuku (not sure which one) and Per Se. Is any one of these a clear winner? Or should we be thinking about someplace else?

Any help would be great! Thanks.

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  1. I've been to Babbo, EMP, and all the Momofukus and they are all VERY different. What are you looking for, besides good food? Loud, buzzy, casual atmosphere? Or maybe semi-formal, with bustling energy, and a rock'n'roll soundtrack? Or a grand but restrained room with high ceilings and large windows? What's your budget?

    Note that only Momofuku Ko takes reservations for a party of 2. Noodle Bar and Ssam Bar both do large format feasts that require a much larger group of people. Milk Bar is takeout/counter service only (no seating).

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      Thanks for the info. We're more into food than ambience. The only things we're not too fond of is having tables so close to each other that you're practically eating with your neighbors and when it's so loud that we can't have a conversation. We don't have a budget - any price point is fine.

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        Hmmm, many restaurants in Manhattan ARE rather cramped, so I would set expectations accordingly. However, if you go, for, say a dinner on the early side, it won't be quite as crowded and loud.

    2. Baby friendly in NYC:

      For the NYPL and/or MoMA, I would go to Szechuan Gourmet. For UWS, I might do Landmarc, Sarabeth's, EJ's, maybe Shake Shack. Typically UWS is pretty baby friendly, especially the more casual restaurants.

      You may need to venture out of the immediate vicinity of those tourist attractions (which are all in Midtown, UES, or UWS).

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        Thanks for the links and suggestions! I'll look into them.

      2. I don't think EMP and Per Se are appropriate restaurants to go to with an infant.

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          They said they would be hiring a babysitter for that night.