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Corned Beef at Traders Joes - questions

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Reading CH I got the impression that TJs has great no-preservative Corned Beef. Ignoring the weirdness of no preservative Corned Beef (why was beef originally corned??) I went to my local TJs - there was a sign outside "Coming Soon- Corned Beef $7.99/lb"

With St Paddy's day approaching I was looking for a corned brisket that I would simmer until tender, add carrots, cabbage, etc - and Expect to pay about $2 - $3 per pound.

Please help me understand what is going on here.

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  1. TJ's prices on packaged meats are in many cases just stupid high, is what's happening. Those steakburgers they used to sell, their bone-in pork chops, rack of lamb and whole chickens are (or were) all well-priced... and then they want silly money for a flatiron steak. Or corned beef. Granted, it's a good cut, but you can do much better at a mainstream chain grocery. $2 - $3 might be a bit low, unless you don't mind point cut, but shop around. If you have a Costco handy, they always have decent ones for reasonable.

    1. The corned beef that is 7.99 a pound is already cooked. All you have to do is heat and eat. The uncooked corned beef is selling for 4.99 a pound.

      1. Trader Joe's corned beef is uncurred and nitrate/nitrite free and a very good price for the item. Check comparable item at a store like whole foods an you will pay double. You can not buy no nitrate/nitrite corned beef at the regular grocery store

        1. I had a little corned beef sample at Trader Joe's in Studio City yesterday. It was pretty good. I'd like to try it on rye bread with side of potato salad and a pickle!

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            They sell two different versions - fresh and fully cooked. I bought both, but have only tried the fully cooked which I had for lunch and really enjoyed it.