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Mar 3, 2010 12:22 PM

Lunch at Redd - recommendation for wineries nearby?

I was thinking about having lunch at Redd having read some of the reviews on this forum - I was wondering if anyone could recommend one or two wineries nearby to visit for tastings?

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  1. Probably one of the best places to go nearby is Ma(i)sonry. They serve Blackbird, a well as others, and have ongoing art exhibits. It's a short walk from Redd, and well worth a visit

    1. How close is close? There are a lot of great wineries in Spring Mountain area - Pride Mountain, Bennett, to name a few...

      Or do you want something along the Silverado Trail - I like Regusci. Also, would recommend Frog's Leap for a fun experience (but reservations are required for their tours.. you can do a tasting, but tours are free and fun).

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        We did the tour and tasting at Schramsberg then went to lunch at Redd. If you are into great sparkling wines it was worth the cost. Need to make a reservation. I thought they were quite generous with the wines. I also thought Redd was excellent and their lunch prices very good value.

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          We loved our lunch at REDD! Right across the street is Domaine Chandon where I would suggest going. We will be back in the wine country soon, can't wait! :)

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            Thanks for all the replies so far, lots of interesting choices. I'm probably thinking of somewhere within 30 minutes drive of Redd

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              In 30 minutes from Redd, you can get to almost any winery on the valley floor. What are your preferences and price ranges? I've been to them all -- many more than once. One tasting room that's really close to Redd -- aside from Ma(i)sonry -- is Hope & Grace. They make some nice wines, including a version of Regusci Cabernet (mentioned above).


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                Price is not too much of a concern so much a a unique tasting experience -I'd rather go to a smaller winery than a large commercial one, which is why I'd be happy to travel a little.

                I have a preference for reds (particularly Shiraz, but reds in general).

                Any other recommendations apart from Maisonry and Hope & Grace.

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                  Some of the best wineries in Napa Valley are near Redd:
                  Gemstone, Keever, Kapscandy.

                  The Ma(i)sonry rec is a good one -- 11 wineries (IIRC) pouring in a charming old stone building
                  with modern art. Check out Tor Kenwood's wines there, among others.

                  Also, Hope & Grace is about a block away in a tasting room. Charles Hendricks makes ****wonderful**** wine. Opulent, perfectly balanced, not a fruit bomb in the lot. I tasted through the entire line recently.

                  Dominus Winery makes Euro-style swill and is one of the most amazing buildings in the entire valley.

                  Here is the Napa Valley Vintners Association list of wineries in Yountville:

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                    With an emphasis on Syrah, I would second the recommendations for Plumpjack, although they are part of the Plumpjack group of resorts and restaurants. If you want something really unique in that area, I might recommend Quixote, which does require and appointment. They specialize in Cab and Petit Sirah, and their building is designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, making it a very unique environment, to say the least.


        2. I am planning a visit in May and have been asking friends for recommendations. A few of my friends highly recommend Reverie Winery in Calistoga. The tastings are done outdoors in a redwood grove. By the way, we are also planning to eat at Redd!

          1. Here are a few threads that have been invaluable in helping me plan my trips recently.


            You can probably do two or three appointments plus lunch depending on how much time you have in Napa. Neyers is a small winery that was recommended for its zins & though they require an appt., are very flexible.

            Recommendations from various sources that don't require appointments...Plumpjack, Cosentino, Robert Sinskey, Elizabeth Spencer.