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Mar 3, 2010 12:20 PM

cocktails and nibbly things

Hi all. I'm meeting a friend from out of town in a couple weeks, and wanted to take her to a decent place where we can have drinks and conversation--in other words, some place not loud. Also, it would be a nice to have some appetizers/small plates if possible. (But not necessary.) I was thinking about the Raines Law Room...any opinions? Is it quiet enough to talk there? (Yes, I am middle-aged, sorry.)

Would prefer someplace downtown (Chelsea, West/East Village, Tribeca, etc.) but if there is a place elsewhere that you think is great, by all means, I'd like to hear about it! Thanks very much.

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  1. I've been to Raines Law Room, and I don't remember any food; there's also no mention of food on their website. It's not so very loud in there, and the drinks are good. But I found it very claustrophobic, and I don't like the silly faux speakeasy thing.

    The Pegu Club is very nice, and it's not loud if you go early.

    1. I think the food at Pegu Club is really good, as is the revamped menu at Death & Co. And the cocktails are excellent at both, with the slight edge to D&C as the menu is much larger. For both, I'd go early, though, like around 6ish. And on a weeknight.

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        Highly agree on all counts with Kathryn. I think Death and Co would be perfectly suited to your request for a place with excellent cocktails and small plates; would give it the edge over Pegu Club (smaller/better for conversation). Raines Law Room I enjoy, but I don't think the cocktails are inventive and I don't believe they had food. I would call D&C first to ensure they don't have a private event. Another good spot for cocktails (though no food if I recall?) is White Star. It is down on the LES, so it all depends on whether you are willing to venture there! It is quite quiet during the week and great for conversation.

      2. If you're OK with just wine, check out Gottino - there are many fantastic small plates on the menu. Alternately, Colicchio and Sons but maybe their tap room menu is heaver than what you have in mind. You can check it out on line.

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          To add to the wine bar choices: I like Bar Carrera, Bar Veloce, and Terroir, which are all in the East Village.

        2. Thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone! Haven't the faintest idea where I'll pick, but this give me something to work with.