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Mar 3, 2010 12:16 PM

guy & mae's BBQ - williamsburg, ks (kansas travel?)

I was recently told of this place, anyone know of it? Supposedly it's been well known by truckers for years

Kansas travel - I didn't see it on your website. Know anything about it?

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  1. My brother in KC can vouch for the place, he and his friends used to drive up from Emporia State on the weekends for ribs. My dad stopped in there on the way to KC and picked up a slab of ribs for my brother, and when he handed them over to my brother, he proceeded to eat the entire slab without offering my dad a single rib.
    And whether this matters of not, Johnny Carson bandleader Doc Severinson used to stop there on his way cross-country and have them shipped to him on occasion.
    Williamsburg's just a little spot-in-the-road a couple exits south of Ottawa on I-35. The place doesn't have a website, obviously, but there are several mentions and reviews on the web.
    If you go, get the ribs. I hear everything's good, but the ribs are why you should drive out there.

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      Thanks so much for your response. I did google it but a chowhound response will always trump! I drive that way every couple months, I'm thinking to stop on my next trip.

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        I LOVE Guy and Mae's. I've eaten at every b-b-q place in KC, but hands down, their ribs are simply the best I've ever had. I asked them once what their secret was, they were demur, but said it's all in how you trim them. Whatever. Unparalleled and I ALWAYS make a point of stopping and bringing some back to KC whenever I get that far south on I-35. You won't ever think of ribs the same again!

    2. This will show how different opinions can be.

      Someone at work told me about G & M, about 4 years ago. I researched the place online and found how Doc Severinsen got que for Johnny and that the KU football team loved them.

      So the very next Saturday I drove down to Williamsburg. G & M immediately got some "dive" points from me for the old building being on the neat little main street.

      And I was so disappointed when I was served hard, dry, flavorless ribs. The bbq sauce was watery (it wouldn't even stick to the meat), pretty tasteless and served in quart jars. The only other items on the menu were 3 or 4 other smoked meats. No chicken. no French fries. The best thing I could say about Guy & Mae's, was that the side dishes were very cheap (50 cents) and the potato salad was good. The beans were poor.

      I made one revisit, about a year later. That time the ribs were much better, flavorful and tender, though there still wasn't much meat on them. The second experience was better, but I still don't understand the raves G & M gets.

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        Hmm, interesting. Maybe we'll stop by some time on our way through and check them out. I'll report back when we do.

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          Another one to try, in that general region, is Smokemaster's BBQ in Pomona (west of Ottawa). I really like their fresh cut home style French fries and hot wings.

          They serve generous portions at reasonable prices. There were 5 large, spicy, complete wings and a slice garlic bread for $4.95 The "small" $1.50 order of fries was very large. The $8.95 half slab of ribs could serve two people.

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            A little over two years ago, I was driving from Walker MO to Abilene KS and happened to stop at Smokemaster's BBQ in Pomona for lunch. I was very favorably impressed - even though most of the locals were across the street north at a non-bbq place. It will be revisited whenever we are in the area again.

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              I'm not a rib eater. I genuinely dislike ribs. So when I say I love Guy and Mae's,, ..remember, that I hate fat and grizzle (grissle??); I like ONLY meat and bone taste, and those ribs simply are unbelievable if you love the taste of a bbq-d meat next to a bone WITHOUT FAT. I truly believe that is what makes them such a wonderful experience. Who gives a rip about side dishes??? Go to grocery to pick them up, or, preferably, make your own. We're TALKING REAL MEAT here, or at least I thought we were.

      2. I just ate there Saturday (3/6/10) for the very first time after hearing about it for years. The ribs were really good. The hole-in-the-wall atmosphere was great on a packed Saturday night. I did not care for the sauce though. Very odd flavor and watery. Menu was very limited but that was fine. I would go back for the ribs again but would pack my own sauce.

        Guy & Mae's Tavern
        , Williamsburg, KS 66095

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          I don't mind the sauce, but I don't ever eat in there. I'm always packing ribs back to KC for consumption here or as gifts. I frankly don't mind their sauce, but I'm partial to Gates and my husband likes something that we can only buy from McGonigles, I think it's Blue Hog or some such. But I think these folks have 'perfected' the MEAT. Stop here and buy the ribs, to go or to eat there, and you have a piece of Heaven in front of you.

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            Blue's Hog. Really good sauce. I use it for ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Its available at our local Price Chopper as well as the BBQ store next to OK Joe's on 119th.