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Mar 3, 2010 12:13 PM

Ichium vs Makkoli

Looking to have mostly sushi.
Which would you go to? Perhaps somewhere else?

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  1. Having eaten at both of these Japanese styled buffets quite recently I would say that Ichiumi is by far the better of the two but that comes at a price.
    Ichuimi is more upscale and quite a bit larger than Makkoli, their sushi,sashimi,clams oysters and American caviar have always seemed fresher to me than Makkoli and the hot side mixes Japanese,Thai,and Vietnamese seafood dishes.
    I have become somewhat frustrated with Mikkoli simply because their service is good, the owners are really nice and everyone tries so hard to please.but the sushi is over riced and the fish is of lesser quality than Ichiumi.The hot side has everything from the ever popular king crab legs,over breaded shrimp tempura,really good deep fried smelt to chicken nuggets and I believed I even saw frozen pizza once.
    The thing is Mikkoli is about $20.00 a head,less with the 20% coupons in just about every clipper mag, and Ichiumi is $35.00 a person for dinner.
    I really like the food at Ichiumi and believe that other than their some what spotty service the extra money is well worth it.

    1. If you are looking for a different option, I recommend Sushi Palace on Inman Ave in Edison. It's all you can eat sushi made to order, and at about $20 a person, it's definitely reasonable. I've been to Ichiumi (good but pricey) and Makkoli (limited selection) but the Sushi Palace concept blows them both out of the water in my humble opinion, as you are free to order as much sushi as you want as many times as you want, and everything is fresh.

      For anyone in your party who isn't really looking for sushi, all you can eat hot food (appetizers, udon soup, teriyaki, katsu) and ice cream is included as well. It's quite a bit smaller than the above two buffets, but I would highly recommend it. Expect a wait on Friday or Saturday nights, at least the last 2 times I've been there on a weekend. BYO

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        Thanks, That's another must go on my list.

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          I've heard good things about Sushi Palace also. My friend swears by it.

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            cling0017, i'm glad to hear that inman ave location is doing well. we went a few times when it first opened, and it wasn't crowded like the princeton location always is. i would agree that sushi palace is a better option than makkoli or ichiumi, as long as you don't have "over-orderers" in your group. i especially like their shrimp tempura.

            1. re: njchowgal

              what is an "over-orderer"?
              Is the all you can eat sushi rolls only or does it include sashimi?

              1. re: tuxedo

                tuxedo- you can order hot japanese menu items, rolls, and sashimi. i tend to enjoy the rolls at kitchen items the best. if you are looking for great sashimi, i would stay away from all you can eat/order places all together.
                "over-orderers" order more rolls than they can eat and expect you to help them finish their food!

          2. I fully agree with your opinion. Ichiumi to me is much better due to it's large variety and great tempura station. A couple of soft shell crab tempura pays for itself. They also added a dumpling bar :)

            1. There's also Fuji Japanese Seafood Buffet in North Brunswick on Rt. 1, see and search on this board.. it got mixed reviews, but I really liked it. They even had lobster.

              There's also Tokyo Buffet in Freehold on Rt. 9 north. My local favorite, not far from me, and they let you do take out.. I can get quite a bit of sushi for $4.99 a pound. At dinner, you can take out sashimi as well.. I think it's like $9.00 a pound. No website that I'm aware of. I like Tokyo much better than Makkoli. I tried Ichi Umi once.. high price, but excellent variety, including some fish I had never heard of (and I've eaten a lot of sushi).