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Mar 3, 2010 11:39 AM

Where to watch the Sox downtown?

I'm coming from out of town April 24, staying at Doubletree on Washington Street. I'm seeking somewhere close by, perferably within walking/stumbling distance, to enjoy the Sox with local fans. Yes, I will wear my Rangers cap, but I will root for the home team! So, Sox fans, if your butt isn't in the seats at Fenway, where do you go downtown for cold brew, good food, and a great MLB atmosphere?

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  1. You're close enough to Fenway to get over there on the T, don't miss that opportunity. Plus, from where you're staying walking to any sports bar is probably going to take a little while.

    I prefer the Baseball Tavern roof deck or Game On's downstairs dungeon pre-game. Hit up The Sausage Guy on Landsdowne St and if you're in the mood for Mexican, La Verdad (also Landsdowne) has great/cheap tacos and tons of tequila. During the game you should be able to get into the Bleacher Bar, which is actually inside the outfield wall and will allow you to see into the outfield through a chain link fence. If you're looking for a nicer place with great food and cocktails and a more mature crowd prior to the game check out Eastern Standard. Plenty of info re: ES on this board if you search.

    1. If you don't want to go into the madness of Kenmore, McGreevey's in the Back Bay, a Red Sox-heavy bar owned by one of the DropKick Murphy's (of "Tessie" and "Shipping Up to Boston" fame).

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        Great suggestion. McGreevey's is a nice place and has some really cool memorabilia. You could walk there (1.35 miles per mapmyrun).

        I still say you should go over to Kenmore.

        1. re: Beachowolfe

          Thank you! I checked out McGreevys website, looks like the kind of place I'm seeking. Is Kenmore around Fenway? (Please forgive my ignorance...)

          1. re: KellerTxDad

            Yes, Fenway is about 500 feet outside of Kenmore Square, which is one of the main urban squares in the city. The subway (Green Line) runs there, as do many buses.

            Before a game walking around Fenway in the 2ish hours beforehand is a must. It's more like a college football game experience than a traditional sterile sporting event.

            All of the nearby bars will be packed to the gills, crowds will be crushing, etc.

            Beachowolfe's suggestions above (The Sausage Guy, La Verdad, Eastern Standard) are all top notch.

            I'll also add:

            - Boston Beer Works: This will get nasty comments, but it's across the street from Fenway, so it'll be a real "experience" (madhouse). I don't love their food, but the grilled buffalo chicken sandwich is surprisingly tasty (get it with spicy fries and sour cream dipping sauce), and they make the (decent) beer on-site.

            - Lower Depths: In Kenmore Square, over 200 bottled beers and $1 buttered, grilled hot dogs with lots of good topping combos (guac, mac&cheese, bacon, panko crumbs, etc.)

            1. re: KellerTxDad

              McGreevys food is some of the worst in the city STAY AWAY