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Mar 3, 2010 11:37 AM

Casual restaurant (with 2 little kids) near St. Pete Airport?

Anyone have a recommendation for someplace to have a quick lunch between airport pickups? I posted before re: seafood and people recommended Crab Shack but I've read SO much negative stuff and I'm hesitant to start out our week-long family vacation with a bad meal ...

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  1. Amy, how much time do you have between pickups?


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    1. re: RibDog

      2:30 at Tampa and 4:45 at St. Pete

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        There is one place you might want to consider but I may get blasted by the other posters on here. It is called Pete and Shorty's. While it is owned by a chain(Hooters), it only has three locations throughout the 50 states. Good food and they have fried shrimp and fried fish on the menu. And the shrimp I had there the other day were made from actually fresh shrimp and not pre-breaded ones. The Shorty burgers might be good for the kids. They have a location on Gulf To Bay in Clearwater which is about a quick 5 miles away from the St. Pete/Clw airport. Check out their menu at


    2. Since you have a rather small window of time, if you are running late there is a very casual spot across the street from the airport. It is a dive looking convenience store. But they have decent Cuban sandwiches and other items - very fresh. There are a few picnic tables outside on the side. Not fancy, but good, inexpensive and convenient to the airport.

      The immediate area around the airport is either light industrial or water - just not that much around there. There is also heavy traffic to the south/east which makes it hard to keep an eye out for options, especially in a rental with kids....

      If you head several miles south on 49th street there are a number of little Vietnamese places and a few Latin. Not sure if they would fit your needs. Most are in little strip shops, so a little hard to spot when zipping down the highway.

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        One that I have been to down in the area is Cafe Kalao. The only concern I would have is that around that time of day, the pickings get a little thin. Of course, they could always put together a cuban sandwich. But then, you could get that at the Airport Convenience Store right across the street from the St. Pete./Clw airport.

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          Thanks so much for your help!