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Mar 3, 2010 11:24 AM

Heading to DC in April, Where do i eat for under $45/person?


We are staying at the Marriott in Wardman Park and I haven't quite found any exciting sounding restaurants in the immediate area. Any suggestions for under $45/person including a drink, tip and tax? I know we will be in Georgetown one day. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Right in the neighborhood is New Heights which is very exciting, I am not sure if it will make your budget though.

    Palena Cafe would and is in Cleaveland park. Indique is good for Indian.

    There is a good current thread on Georgetown.

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      New Heights has a fun bar menu that is more affordable than the standard upstairs menu. Yummy drinks there, too.

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        In nice weather you also can walk over to Adams Morgan, which has a lot of restaurants, and they shoudl have a thread or two. I recently had a very good meal at the bar at Cashions for well under $45 -- they have large "small plates."

      2. Lebanese Taverna is very good.
        Up the street in Cleveland Park, there are many options. Ardeo, Palena's front cafe, Indique.

        1. Palena Cafe and Dino in Cleveland Park would be good options and about 15 minute walks from your hotel or one metro stop.

          What type of food?

          1. You definitely want Dino. A tome of a wine list, super solid to wonderful food, Very nice proprietors. One of the places I miss since leaving DC.

            New Heights is solid but I prefer them for brunch

            For something on the less exciting but still good side, Rajaji (Indian) is right there.


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              re Dino: the owner posts here on occasion, you might be able to ask a question directly.

            2. 2 Amys: cleveland park near natl cathedral. fantastic adult style pizza
              Eat First or Chinatown express: Chinatown authentic chinese
              Jaleo: tapas
              Matchbox: high end bar food
              Pho: everyone has their fav Pho restaurant. depends on where you will be
              Ray's Hellburgers