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Mar 3, 2010 11:19 AM

Best of Truckee

Spending a couple of days in Truckee? Where are the best lunch and dinner spots? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Tahoe/Truckee area is quite small in terms of restaurants. If you just search "Truckee" you'll find only a page plus of threads. If you read those, you'll have a better idea of the type of food, ambiances, prices, etc. And then you'll probably have some specific questions. Most of the information is accurate. We're such a small community, rarely do things get much out of date.

    1. For lunch, I like 50/50 Brewing Company. They have good food and beer. Big screen tvs in case there is a sporting event that you are interested in. The Squeeze Inn has great breakfasts as well as good sandwiches for lunch. I believe they are open until 2pm.

      This past weekend, we had dinner at Pianeta. Excellent food at fairly reasonable prices and a very nice space. The service was just ok but worked out fine for us since we weren't in a rush.

      Dragonfly is good for sushi. We prefer sitting at the sushi bar since the dining room seems claustrophobic to me.

      Cottonwood has a great view of downtown Truckee and a really cool atmosphere but the food is just ok. I have had some great meals there and then some that were marginal. Service can be hit and miss.

      If you don't mind driving, I love River Ranch which is at the turnoff to Alpine Meadows. Both food and service are very good and it is a very cool dining room.

      1. My favorite restaurant is Moody's. Dragonfly, besides having good sushi, has excellent fusion. Cottonwood for a drink only, as baseball said. I like the game dishes at River Ranch. In Squaw Valley, Plumpjack would be a great dinner.

        I like Piper's Patisserie for lunch.

        1. Because we live between Tahoe City and Kings Beach, we don't get to Truckee as often as we should. Also I find it hotter and more crowded in the summer and colder in the winter so.... But probably our favorite is Pacific Crest/Bar of America. We've been eating there forever and always had good food. And I love the way they've "tarted up" the bar area recently. Also really enjoy Moody's even though I've never seen Paul McCartney there :)

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            I just had a good meal at Bar of America (homemade mushroom pasta--so not your typical bar food). Thumbs down on the food at Cottonwood for sure.

          2. Thanks for the posts. I think we will be down by Alpine Meadows on one of the days, so River Ranch sounds like a good spot.