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Mar 3, 2010 11:07 AM

Where Can I find Mozartkugel Choclate From Austria?

im looking for mozartkugel chocolate from Austria does anyone know where i could get it with in the 416 or preferably east somewhere? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. HoneyBear sells them.

    On Sheppard between Yonge and Bayview.

    Make sure you buy a few of their cabbage rolls while you are there - awesome stuff!

    1. Brandt Meats just over the Etobicoke line in Mississauga always has 'em.

      1. International Food Depot on Jutland in Etobicoke, it's a full-on German grocery store and carries all kinds of Austrian and German chocolate (Mozartkugeln, Milka, etc...)

        1. Not all Mozartkugeln are created equally, though. The one available here does not compare to the best in Austria. Unfortunately, I've never found the great one here.

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            That'd depend on which ones you're buying. The most common commercially produced ones in Austria are made by a company called Mirabell. If you get those here it's likely the exact same thing you'd get in most stores in Austria. See the link for more specific information:


            1. re: Boodah

              And it's the Mirabell brand of Mozartkugeln (now apparently owned by Kraft!) that are the lousy ones, "the most common commercially produced ones in Austria..." as you've noted. Anyone who's had Mozartkugeln made by the smaller Austrian producers (the packaging for which are very similar) will notice the difference immediately.

              1. re: Tatai

                Thank you all bunch of life savers !

                1. re: sj01

                  You said 416 or east: try Vienna Fine Foods, 1050 Birchmount just north of Eglinton.

                  1. re: Nelson

                    If you're downtown I'd be willing to bet that Reither's Fine Foods near Church & Wellesley has what you're looking for. I believe the owner is Austrian.

          2. I saw these yesterday at Domino's. That's in the St. Lawrence Market (south market), lower level, at the very north end of the building. They were near the cash register.