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Mar 3, 2010 11:04 AM

Good for a group in Galleria

I'm looking for a good place to take 12-15 people for dinner on a Wednesday. The only restriction is that one person is allergic to shellfish and doesn't eat seafood. Other than that, we're open to anything. We're not looking for super fancy or super casual. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I'd prefer something that's not a chain.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised by the Grand Lux cafe. Though it's not much more than a Cheesecake Factory in wolf's clothing, they will be able to accommodate your party easily, they have a wide variety of food available, and though not earning a michelin anytime soon the kitchen seems capable of preparing a tasty dish

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      For a group, Grand Lux is not a bad choice. It is not "foodie" food and you can get everything their from potstickers to chicken pot pie. The portions are ridiculous. But, there is something for everyone and they do groups well.

      If you want something quieter and nicer, the Second Floor at the Westin is good and does have some innovative food. I think there is private room or dining area there that could be helpful.

      Oceanairre is the best place in the galleria, but with the restrictions you noted, it probably is not the best place. The Grill on the Alley is also there, but is really not very good and way overpriced.

      If you want something more casual, there is a Mi Cocina by the ice rink.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I've been to the Oceanairre in DC and loved it but probably not a good fit since the one person can't eat seafood. Any thoughts on Tre Amici? A friend recommended it. I live in NYC and have only been to Dallas once before so I have no idea what's good. I really appreciate your suggestions. We're actually staying at the Westin so I'll be sure to check the Second Floor out.
        Is Mic Cocina a sit down place? How casual is it?

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          Mi Cocina is like Chili's for Tex-Mex. The atmosphere down in the rink is often rather rowdy.

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          Grand Lux= Cheesecake Factory with prettier details. But not bad for a large group with allergies and non-chowish tendencies. Defintely chainesque.

          You are almost walking distance to most of the largest beef purveyors in the state of Texas. If you could only amble down the toll road closer to downtown your selections would fly off the shelf.

          1. re: DallasDude

            Do tell! We're open to suggestions and LOVE steak. By no means do we need to stay in the immediate Gallaria area. I'm more concerned about our #'s. I'd actually like to show the group a little bit more of Dallas since we're going to be stuck around the Galleria for most of the trip. Hollar at me.

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              I think a very short ride down the tollway to the downtown area for a good meal, even for a largish group, would be fun. We heard your food allergies, but any restaurant worth its salt can accomodate these. How about giving us a budget per person and we can get started? How ambitious are your tastes?

              1. re: DallasDude

                I think the group is rather varied-some people eat anything and everything and have traveled all over but other people have a steady diet of McDonalds and don't like to stray far off he beaten path. I think steak would be a safe bet for everyone but a place that has lot's of options would be ideal. As far as budget goes, I think we'd like to keep the entrees around $30 or less. That's the typical cost of a good meal up here so let me know if I'm way off. We want to have a wonderful meal but aren't trying to break the bank.

                1. re: pookie77

                  Decent steaks for less than 30 can be a daunting task, but I have a few suggestions that are local and fun for a group:

                  Screen Door: varied menu with steaks, all under 30 bucks. Unique and interesting menu.
                  Fogo de Chao: Big beef very close to your hotel, crowd pleasure. Chain, but good. No one goes away hungry.
                  Nonna: Great Italian. Not your daddy's Italian, and can make everyone happy.
                  Javier's: Described more like Mexico City continental, a local favorite for many (me) and can be well within the 30 dollar entree range. Make reservations for a group or be willing to wait. And wait.
                  Sambuca (uptown location ONLY): I recommend this place to people from out of town with great success. Varied menu options, price range is palatable, and there is usually a band on any night of the week. Nice area that will be easy to get to.

                  Links to all below.

                  Most of the good steakhouses will bust your 30 dollar budget. Could be done I suppose, check with your concierge for a price list of Del Friscos. They do not list prices on the web.


      2. Just a few blocks away: Lawry's Prime Rib. You won't be sorry!

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          I passed by Lawry's this morning and thought the same thing. Salad Spinner be damned. Great beef and close to the Gallermaria (that's Galleria in Bush-Speak).

          1. re: DallasDude

            Thanks for all the great suggestions! I'll see what's available and let you know what we end up doing. Thanks again!