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Mar 3, 2010 11:04 AM

food + jazz on the peninsula?

The mention of Central Park Bistro's jazz offerings has me wondering what places have good food and some jazz on the side.

The peninsula is terrible for live music, so I'm always on the lookout for restaurants that have live music. Which usually means jazz; dinner jazz. Spots like this seem to come and go. And I'd like food that's as good as possible.

Range: san mateo through Mountain View.

The only one I know of at the moment is Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park on Friday. They have their expanded dinner menu, great panninis, tight and excellent beer and wine list (very fresh high quality beer). Jazz friday nights.

Central Park Bistro - I like the food there. It's no Martin's West, but it's good food well executed. Seems to do complexity well, and interesting combinations. No music listed on their website, but a report of some.

B street and Vine - SM - very little mention here. How's the food?

jzcool in MP had jazz, now gone. Melinda's or something in PA had jazz, replaced by Scotty's which has no jazz and pretty lousy bar food (stick to the skewers). I remember a sign outside Bella Luna in PA (my vote for best pasta in greater PA), but can't find any info.

Any other leads?

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  1. Astaria in San Mateo has great food and music on Thursday nights.

    1. may be a bit out of your range, but the bach dancing and dynamite society in princeton has very good jazz on sundays

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        Also a bit out of your range, but maybe helpful to others searching for jazz in the area, is Viva Los Gatos Neighborhood Eatery. They currently have jazz on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and when I've heard them it's been quite good.

        Viva is a restaurant with jazz. Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society is beyond category, but more of a jazz club - with top-name acts - that serves food.


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          Any news on the food at BDDS? No menu online at all.

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            Food at BDDS is usually catered. Nothing outstanding, but decent. However, an AMAZING jazz club.

      2. I like B St & Vine, and love their bruschetta. It's a meal in itself. I think the only flavor I haven't like is the one w/tomato, which wasn't very ripe. Their salads are ample, always good. Service can be spotty depending on which server you get and how busy they are.

        Jazz groups seem to be collegiate (read: high school and/or college level) when I've been there, which I don't mind as the parent of a college age musician. I don't know specifically which nights they have jazz. I was there about a month ago, mid week and they weren't busy at all.

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            Wow! I am glad I asked. Right in my back yard, opened 6 months ago. Right across from Carapaccios - I think that's the spot where a middling thai restaurant was. I will report on the food.

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              Music is great. Food is just ok, not bad, not great. But service was a little odd, that is if you have to deal with the owner. My boss made reservation for a group of us. On the day of, 3-4 people dropped out. She called to revise the number of people. The owner/manager berated her about why people would not want to come. Uh, because we're trying to give you an extra table...When I and another coworker showed up 10 minutes early to open time. The door was open (we didn't realized we were early), the manager/owner asked to wait outside, weird...

              1. re: ceekskat

                Noticed a sign today stating they have closed...

                1. re: ceekskat

                  Correct. Marq has apparently moved some of his bookings & performances to Oak City Bar and Grill, so they've now got music most nights. Menlo Park's hard: I'm 100% in the target demographic and I wasn't supporting enough.

                  1143 Crane Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025

              2. If you don't mind going slightly north of San Mateo try Broadway Grill in Burlingame. Great music, food and service. This Sunday, April 25th 11-2pm, Brunch and JAZZKWEST.
                Also, try Turtle Bay in Foster City. Great food and service too. JAZZKWEST will be there Friday, April 30th 7-10pm. ENJOY!!!!

                Turtle Bay
                981 E Hillsdale Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404

                Broadway Grill
                1400 Broadway Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010