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Mar 3, 2010 10:49 AM

Bachlorette Party Dinner - Beverly Hills

We are looking for a dinner location that has good food and around the $50-60 range near the Beverly Hills area for a bachlorette party of late 20's early 30's women. Preferably will have some nightlife afterward, like a bar/lounge area, if not at the restaurant at least close by.

I would love to find something with a prix-fixe menu. We are staying at the Montage in Bev. Hills so something within proximity of that would be great as well. We have a couple of veg in the group as well.

Thanks in advance!

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        Go to Bouchon - right across the way from Montage - you can have a salad, a quiche and a Croque Madame for around $42.50. If you opt for chicken, it goes to $50.50. I am sure they would be happy to work with if you don't want a la carte.

        Pics here:

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          Maybe it's just me, but I find it pretty hard to get out of anywhere nice with a cocktail (and I'm guessing tax and tip) for less that $50-60. Like my last meal at Bouchon was around $100pp, I think. While that included wine, I think it's going to be hard to get out of there at your price point unless everyone orders very carefully, which can be a hard thing to enforce at group dinners. Are you thinking of some place formal or somewhere with more of a party atmosphere?

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            I would consider cabbing to Akasha in Culver City, which isn't that far and wouldn't be that expensive if people are splitting cab fares:

            I still think it'll be hard to come in under your budget if the $50-$60 includes tax and tip but I think it would be a good option because there are also bars within walking distance if you want to go out after and it also offers veggie options. I can't really think of anywhere in Beverly Hills proper that I would consider fun for a group of my friends and I'm in the age range you mentioned.

        2. One place that doesn't get a lot of play here is Taste on Melrose. They have a prix fixe dinner that runs $26 for 3 courses (and you get something on the order of 3 choices for your starter, the main and even dessert) which you can see on their web site. And this will put you close to West Hollywood, the Sunset Strip area and places like the House of Blues, etc.

          8454 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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            It's true, Beverly Hills proper doesn't offer too much in the way of post-dinner nightlife. Yes there are places to get a drink, but if you're wanting any kind of real bachlorette vibe, you're likely going to need to head to nearby West Hollywood.

            My suggestion would be Bar Marmont (not to be confused with the Chateau up the hill). Bar Marmont has a great menu with lots of small plates for sharing, and several different little areas inside. And after dinner the whole place turns into a pretty hip lounge scene where it's easy to spend the entire evening. Perfect for your group, I'd think. Not sure how many you've got, but if it's substantial you might call and ask about a pre-fixe.

            Bar Marmont
            8171 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

          2. Coupa Cafe for arepas and wine, they have bottles in the $35 range.
            Frida for tacos and pitchers of margaritas, you get several tacos on a plates, the carnitas are nice.

            Both of these are steals in Beverly Hills proper.

            Or, go to La Descarga in Hollywood(K-town)for mojitos and daiquiris and eat at the taco stand next door to the club or one of the taco trucks parked nearby. This is the best party and bang for your buck.

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              There's also Enoteco Drago if you're out on a Wednesday. They have $25 wine tastings/flights with appetizers included. Haven't been in a while but remember it being a good deal. Nearby is Nic's Lounge, and the Buena Vista Cigar Club, is you ladies are up for a celebratory cigar and rum/scotch. West Hollywood Clubs/ Bars are also nearby.

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