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Mar 3, 2010 10:23 AM

Rehearsal dinner recommendations in San Miguel de Allende

Hello, I'm searching for a venue in San Miguel that can accommodate 50-75 guests for a rehearsal dinner. We're kicking around the idea of having it include drinks and passed food however it'd be nice to have the option to have a sit down dinner as well. As for cuisine we'd like Mexican food - traditional or Mexican-inspired are both ok. We're both food lovers as are our guests -- looking for something with equal parts atmosphere and food/drink.

Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


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  1. Try the Restaurant the chef there is very talented
    his name is Donnie Masterton

    1. I live in San Miguel part of the year. Do not know what your budget might be... But something really different, you could have your rehersal dinner out at Rancho Casa Luna. Beautiful setting and it is equiped to handle large crowds.

      1. We've been to The Restaurant and think it's pretty good -- though we're hoping for Mexican food if possible. I'll check out Casa Luna too, thanks.

        Anyone eaten dinner at the hotel Villa Santa Monica? It is on our list of candidates.

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          I strongly second the motion for Rancho Casa Luna. It's one of the most beautiful spots in SMA. The owner is a good friend of mine--please feel free to tell her you 'know' me from Chowhound.


        2. Hi,

          This message is specifically for chowcito - I too am looking for a place to have my rehearsal dinner in San Miguel and I was wondering if you would mind sharing where you ended up having yours. I'm visiting at the end of the month to secure venues and would love to hear how yours turned out! Thanks.

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            I'm a little late here - but if anyone has since picked great spots for rehearsal dinners, I'd love to hear about them. We're planning a March wedding in San Miguel and are big food-lovers :) Thank you.

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                There will be 20-25 of us at the rehearsal dinner ...

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                  There will be 20-25 of us for the dinner ...

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                  Talk to the people at the Rosewood Hotel. I was there on Saturday evening--we didn't have time for dinner, but I talked to the chef and spent some time in the kitchen, and the facilities are out of this world. It is gloriously beautiful. They actually have a wedding planner on site.



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                    My family has had a home in San Miguel in the center of town for 37 years. Rosewood is beautiful especially the view from La Luna Bar. Food is OK.
                    One of my best friends, Guadalupe, has an event planning business and the weddings she has worked on are spectacular. I have done business with her over the years and she is creative and a great lady to do business with. She pays attention to every detail. She also has a great chef and can help you out. Good luck.

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                      Thanks Cristina, I think we'll definitely explore that option. I haven't been back to San Miguel since the Rosewood opened but it looks absolutely stunning .. would definitely make a statement as the "welcome to San Miguel" first event, as long as the food is the same standard as the hotel itself! The rooftop looks stunning too, but am told it is just a tapas bar - possibly a place to retreat to after the dinner.... Thanks!

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                        Hi Jenn, I'm actually getting married there in October so I might be able to help! After A LOT of research, we decided to do our rehearsal dinner at the villa that we rented and have it catered, but before that we were *thisclose* to booking La Posadita, which could be a good option. It can easily accommodate 20-25 people on the patio and has a pretty great view of the city. We ate there on our scouting trip and while the food wasn't "the best food ever" it was really good, they were able to work with us on a great package, and the location can't be beat.

                        We really wanted a place with a great view, so other places we looked into were La Azotea and Sunset Bar. La Azotea is super trendy and has fantastic tapas. Sunset Bar was a bit more casual, though it's now under new management so I'm not sure what the menu is like currently. However, the view and deck was absolutely unbelievable. The only reason we ruled it out was because they were in between owners and we needed to secure things.

                        We also looked into having it at Rosewood but the prices were a bit too high for our budget (with alcohol it was more expensive than our wedding meal, and that is saying a lot).

                        If you have any questions feel free to email me at skmwedding at gmail dot com :)

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                          Great information, thanks guys! Serena - congrats on your upcoming wedding, cool to hear from someone else who's getting married in SMA. We rented two beautiful villas where the two families will stay, and where we also plan to have the ceremony, wedding dinner and dancing. We may end up doing the rehearsal dinner there too, but thought it would be nice to have the guests get out and experience the town. We will definitely look into La Posadita and the others you mentioned too. Going to try to set up tastings at all of them when we're there in Oct/Nov - will let you know what we go with! Our wedding coordinator also mentioned two restaurants - one called "The Restaurant" and can't remember the other. I may shoot you a separate email in a few- we can possibly bounce ideas off of one another. I think SMA will be such a special place to get married. We were also considering the Playa del Carmen area, but this feels so much more intimate- and the villa rentals are incredible. Congrats again!

                          1. re: jenndc

                            Feel free to email me! I would love to bounce idea off of you and it would be nice to hear from another SMA bride! Most people I know have never even heard of the place :) What villa are you getting married at? We looked at a lot.

                            We didn't have the chance to eat at the restaurant but I have heard it's absolutely fantastic. However, I don't believe it has a view or outside area. I'm not sure what kind of feel you are going for but it's definitely more formal. Congrats as well!

                        2. re: jenndc

                          You're right, Jenn, the rooftop is just a tapas bar. Six of us were there for tapas on Saturday. The view is stunning, the mezcal was good, and the tapas--at least my tacos de lechón--were delicious. Other friends had shrimp and mushrooms al ajillo, tacos de arrachera, shrimp cocktail, etc. It would be a great place for people to go for an after-dinner drink; there is no pressure at all to have tapas with your drinks.