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Mar 3, 2010 10:14 AM

Paula Deen to the NC Mountains this fall

Coming to Harrah's Cherokee Casino etc. this fall a large Paula Deen restaurant (Buffet for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.)
I've wanted to try her food, but we don't go to her part of the coast very often. So, maybe we'll try it early.

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  1. Why would you want to try her food? I dont think I've read a single positive review of her restaurant on Chowhound.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Watching her cook on TV is another good reason to avoid her food.

    2. Wow, what a combo! Marketing genius! I wouldn't eat there, but I sure would invest in it.

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      1. re: danna

        This was my thought. It'll be a hit with the cigarette in one hand, oxygen mask in the other crowd at the Harrah's in Cherokee.

        1. re: Naco

          My thought as well. If she's successful up in the moutains she should come down in the piedmont and open one near Carowinds in Charlotte, then keep heading south until she hits Myrtle Beach. An Empire!

          1. re: southernitalian

            If an empire with its seat at Myrtle Beach is wrong, I don't want to be right.

      2. You can cook just like Paula. Start with a stick of butter, a pound of bacon, a cup of heavy cream.....

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        1. re: BlueHerons

          Just one stick?? That must be the light version! lol

        2. From I heard her place use to be good, but then went down hill and not as good as Mrs. Wilkes which always seemed to have a line outside of it when I was there. She may have the know how, but as Food Network goes, they are better at breeding personalities than quality chefs (for the most part).

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          1. re: burgeoningfoodie

            I've heard the same. I think maybe the Food Network FINDS talented chefs, and then molds them into hacks ;-)

            1. re: danna

              Ate at the tiny original location of The Lady & Sons in the late 90s, and it was excellent. Have been twice since they moved to the larger uptown Savannah location, and each time the wait was longer and the food not as good. Quality control has clearly taken a backseat to turnover, which is too bad because we got to meet Paula during that first visit, and she's sweet and hardworking lady and a most gracious host. So, while I can no longer recommend her restaurant, I can't bring myself to begrudge her success...

              1. re: Jeff C.

                I agree I had a meal there in Oct of 1999 that was one of the best meals I have ever had...we also met Paula and she was lovely.

              2. re: danna

                Well I mean some personalities/chefs are legit Flay, Deen, Batali (not there), Symon, Legasse all had their chops before the food network. It's funny to watch food network when they first started and it was literally cooking shows. I'm not including Alton Brown in this because he's a different commodity. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed some of the other shows like Food Finds, Best Of, Unwrapped. But I think I'd rather watch the PBS line up of Pepin, Bastianich, at Bayless if I need to learn to do something.

                As Jeff C. said that is what I heard about Lady and Sons. I'm nto saying Paula doesn't know how to make great southern food, but part of her now is quality cook and part brand name.