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Mar 3, 2010 10:10 AM

Anybody eaten at the 2nd floor restaurant/lounge at the Movies at West End in St. Louis Park?

The lounge offers pizzas and paninis that look interesting, has anyone eaten there that can give us a review of the quality?

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  1. My $.02

    I ate there before a movie shortly after they opened. From a food standpoint, nothing made much of a lasting impression, which is both good and bad, I suppose. We ordered a couple pizzas and one of the paninis, which are more or less the only offerings on the menu. I remember they were having issues with their pizza oven at the time and one of the pies came out a little burnt and crispy on the edges. They gave it to us for free, but in my opinion, it tasted quite a bit better than the other pizza, but I tend to prefer my pizzas that way.

    The lounge itself is very nicely decorated, with a big, accessible bar in the middle, comfortable seating, and plenty of flat screen tv's. I tend to enjoy a glass of wine or two during a movie, and before Icon, the only option was the VIP theater at MOA. When you buy your tickets, you select your seats, which is great because you can relax in the lounge before the movie without worrying about heading in early for good seating. If you order food and the movie starts before it's ready, the waiter will bring it to your seat, but there is no other service in the theater. If you want anything during the movie, you have to get it yourself (this is my only gripe compared with MOA VIP, where there is full service in the theater).

    From a foodie perspective, it's nothing to write home about, although I'm not expecting haute cuisine at a movie theater, so that's only a mild criticism. Compared with the slop they try to pass off as food at AMC or even the MOA VIP, the food at Icon is fantastic.

    So, as a frequent movie-goer, I would recommend giving it a try. The food is decent, the seats are comfortable, and it's only 21 and over, which minimizes the annoyance of chatty texting brats.

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      I think this is a perfect review. Definitely adequate for what it is, convenient spot to grab a small bite and a drink before or after a movie. My wife and I have also tried a pizza (good, not great), and a cheese/meat tray. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the cheese and meat. They're definitely making an effort to exceed expectations...and I have to say they did exactly that in my only visit to date (note that mine were quite low going in).

    2. Had drinks there - before going to our assigned seats to see Up In The Air. The concept is nice especially when it's cold out and you don't have to walk outside from a bar/restaurant to the theater....Parking is down below the complex (heated I believe) but it's weird that you have to go outside to walk to the various restaurants shops in the complex....

      1. Had some Apps and Desert. Not bad, but I didn't have high expectations. We had homade potato chips and dip along with Bacon Popcorn. we then had a trio of cupcakes. Again, I woudl say not bad for a theater, but I wouldn't go out of my way.