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Mar 3, 2010 10:09 AM

Where to Buy Keg of Beer: california Ales

At FO last week, we enjoyed a nice ale from San Diego. It tasted like coffee. That inspired her to find a good ale for a party of 25 on Saturday. She would like to find a good california ale. Is there a place around Pasadena or in L.A. where one can order a keg or half a keg. TIA

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  1. i would try....

    Beverage Warehouse
    4935 Mc Connell Ave #21, Los Angeles, CA 90066
    (310) 306-2822 FAX (310) 821-4555

    1. mel and roses on melrose in weho have helped me out with dozens of fine kegs and can access on a few days notice a large selection and deliver it.

      1. You might give Skyscraper Brewing a try

        Skyscraper Brewing Company
        3229 Durfee Ave.
        El Monte, CA 91732