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Mar 3, 2010 10:09 AM

What do you like to cook for yourself when your spouse or family isn't around?

If you usually cook for other people, but you have a night alone at home, what do you cook just for yourself? Or do you eat cold cereal?

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  1. That depends... if I'm in the mood to be in the kitchen than anything involving soft goat cheese - like pizza with goat cheese, pesto and chicken for instance. DH isn't fond of it and the kids are hit or miss so on nights like that (which are rare) I cook for me. When I'm not in the mood to spend an extended period in the kitchen instead of going the cold cereal route I'd probably just make a big salad or thaw some chili or soup for dinner.

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      When I'm alone I also make something with goat cheese. DH claims to hate it, but will eat it if it's hidden. I would rather wait till I'm home alone for dinner to make a salad or pizza with warm goat cheese.

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        Same thing but white goat cheese thin crust pizza with pesto, cherry tomatoes, sprinkle of bacon and fried eggplant. Salavating just thinking about it.

      2. I eat an assortment of leftovers, or I pig out on chocolate and the like with no dinner added. Nothing that needs cleaning up. I wonder if I lived alone how often I would cook for myself....scary now that I think about it.

        1. A pork shoulder, which I can't possibly finish myself, so I give it away to friends. But I do love it so. She has that vegetarian flaw.

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            (freeze it! then then you can indulge at whim!)

          2. Cream soups and chicken breasts cooked myriad ways. I love 'em; the Khantessa deplores 'em.

            1. Whole fish in all its iterations -- but most especially sardines. I'm the only one who loves them, so I nearly always take advantage of my solo evenings to indulge. We have one friend couple who are the same way: one loves it, and the other hates it. We need to do a switcheroo every once in a while, I guess!

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                A little culinary swinging, eh? Just be sure she doesn't wind up with any of your sard juice on her dress. ;)