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Mar 3, 2010 09:20 AM

Aladdin's Casbah - Lebanese

Just discovered Aladdin's Casbah the other night located in the Avenida mall, just south of Anderson.

The Lebanese food here is as good as I've ever had. We ordered their "Sultan's Feast" which included what seemed to be an endless parade of appetizers that the whole table could share. This created a great family atmosphere and helps facilitate a great night for us. While I enjoyed everything, the highlights were the fatouch salad, hommos, baba ghanouj, stuffed Kebi, Shish Taouk, grilled Jumbo Shrip and grilled quail. All the grilled food is cooked with wood charcoal and gives it a great flavour

We had great service from a friendly server. He heard that this was my wife's first Lebanese food experience and took the time to explain every dish.

This is the kind of place every foodie in Calgary needs to try.

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  1. Has anybody been to this place recently? Was looking for someplace different to go out with a group and thought this would be a good candidate. Visited Aladdin's over a year ago, and wanted to see if anybody can confirm that they've held the good quality we received the first time we visited.