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Mar 3, 2010 09:00 AM

Good pizza in Burlington?

I'm looking for a decent Pizza place in Burlington, preferably not from a chain. Is there any such place around at all? I'm not concerned with the style or type of pizza, just something tasty.

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    They have a location on Kerr street that we go to all the time, fresh home made, thin crust, excellent choice of toppings.

    1. I can't personally vouch for it, but the consensus among friends favours Lugano on Brant St. as the best in town.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Resurrecting this thread in the hopes that someone has found a decent pizza joint (delivery) in the food wasteland that is Burlington.

          I've tried Lugano's and Napoli, but they do nothing for me. Artisan is OK, but really expensive. Best so far is Mount Royal. However, while their panzerotti's are great, the pizza is meh.

          Any suggestions? Something similar to Regina's on College in Toronto would be awesome. God how I miss Regina's...

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            Pane Fresco is the best pizza in Burlington:


            They don't deliver. It is downtown on Locust. They also have a location within the 4 Fortino's locations in Burlington (and Hamilton, Vaughan and Woodbridge). They sell it by the slice but you can order ahead

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              I haven't lived in Burlington for 10+ years - Is Napoli the place at Lakeshore/Kenwood? My family and I used to get our pizzas from there, even though we lived at New/Appleby and Gino's was there at the mall (there's no mall now?!)

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                Yeah, I think that's where it is. Lakeshore and Burloak area. Very similar to Pizza Pizza in my opinion. I actually stumbled upon a very good pizza the other night. Applestone Pizzeria. Nice thin, crispy crust, great sauce and fresh toppings. I think this will become my go-to delivery pizza.

                iamam, Pane Fresco is already a place I go when I can pick up the pizza, but if it's after 9pm, Fortino's is closed, so PF is as well.

            2. A couple of places to add to the list.

              Na Roma pizza.
              Son of a Peach.

              Both excellent.

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                They both look amazing! Nothing on the websites to indicate whether they deliver or not though.