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Mar 3, 2010 08:58 AM

Best Guinness - Taste matters (NYC)

I'll be visiting the city in a couple of weeks. Looking for the best pub/bar recommendations who pour a really good pint of Guinness. Staying midtown west (58th and 9th). Has anyone had a memorable pint recently, and if so, where? Thanks.

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  1. There are literally hundreds of places where you can get a pint of Guinness, but if you are looking to visit a real quality beer bar that is pouring it, as well as countless numbers of other interesting beers you may want to check out the Ginger Man (36th st ?); it's usually on their tap list. Better yet, head over to Rattle and Hum, near the Empire State Building, and get a pint of O'Hara's Celtic Stout- it's the same style as Guinness but much preferred by the beer geekerie, and not as commonly found. Hopefully you will like it as much or better. Both places will also usually have a locally brewed stout on cask, something not to miss out on.

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      I've had O'Hara Celtic Stout and do like it. Thanks for your recommendations TongoRad, I will check out the Ginger Man.

      Upon my next visit I'd like the option of having let's say, "the perfect pint." Of course there's no comparison of Guinness between the US and Ireland (as from experience) but if I can find a place the pours it properly (timing), cleans their lines, stores it at the right temperature & pours plenty of it I'd be happy. Are there any others who might have had a really good pint?

      1. re: egon

        You might get more responses by posting on the Manhattan board as well, with a pointer directing them to this post. Beer bars, in general, will meet your requirements as far as clean lines, temperature, etc. are concerned- other notable ones in Manhattan are The Blind Tiger and DBA in the Village. Whether they are pouring Guinness or not is something I can't answer at this time, unfortunately.

        1. re: TongoRad

          the answer lies below ground in Penn Station. Here: It is the NYC winner of the Guinness Gold Standard Award.

          I will have to remember to try this O'hara's Celtic Stout the next time I am at Rattle N Hum too.