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Mar 3, 2010 08:46 AM

Pandan liquid in a can?

I bought it, now what do I with it? I want to make a dessert I'm not sure what though. I also have rice flour.

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  1. You can buy pandan liquid?!?! Like extract? Is it any good? That would be such a time saver...

    You can make pandan cake. The last time I made one, the recipe was similar to angel food cake, but with the pandan extract. I'm sure you could add coconut icing to make it look nicer and taste better too.

    I've also made a Filipino dessert (I think it's called Buko Pandan? Not sure though). It's like a cold dessert soup. You make pandan flavoured jello (use plain gelatin with the pandan extract). Then you add milk, coconut shavings, coconut jello, condensed milk, etc. You can add anything you like. I've had it with jackfruit and mung beans. It's delicious and incredibly simple to make.

    This is a recipe for sweet rice cake...I've yet to try this recipe, but the picture looks good!

    You can make different kinds of jello, use glutinous rice, make different kinds of kuay... oh my gosh, the options are endless!