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Mar 3, 2010 08:33 AM

Recs for pre-concert dinner/drinks in Quarter?

Hi folks- will be visiting NO w/ my SO at the end of March & would appreciate some advice on pre-show dinner & good drink spots in or w/in walking distance of the Quarter. We both have spent quite a bit of time in NO (him more so than I) so we've done many of the old mainstays...I think.

I prefer eclectic & unfussy hole-in-the-wall neighborhood spots with lots of character...nothing precious. But I am also allergic to seafood, which is a tough hurdle in NO. He prefers traditional meat & potatoes high-end dining & hates to troll the strip-malls & taqueria trailors I Iove to explore.

We'll be dressed casual, & looking for something low to mid-priced that might satisfy both tastes? Preferably not heavy on seafood...

Thanks so much in advance!

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    1. Meauxbar Bistro (corner of Rampart & T. Phillip) has a wide-ranging menu: you'll find steak frites, a hamburger, soup of the day, great beet salad, usually a pasta w/bolognese sauce, duck confit, risotto--a real range at moderate but not low prices. Lots of seafood, but lots of non-seafood options. Great drinks. Wonderful staff. Not a hole-in-the-wall, but not pretentious at all. Lots of character and characters. Might just be a perfect compromise for the two of you.

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        Meauxbar is a good recommendation. Just to clarify though, where are you going for the concert?