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Mar 3, 2010 08:25 AM

Safe non-stick pans?

Our teflon small fry pan is falling apart. I don't want to replace it with another teflon pan due to safety concerns coming out about some non-stick surfaces.

I can cook eggs in a regular pan by using lower heat and some oil or butter but nobody else in my house seems capable of the skill. Of course the scorched pan ends up left for me to clean up.

I have seen various types of surfaces and coatings on pans but I can't tell what are coatings and what might be a safe non-stick. I did see one type of pan that was aluminum I think but had a textured slick surface that didn't look like a teflon type coating. Are there any non-stick type pans that are actually safe to use?

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  1. "PFOA" appears to be the acronym that you want to avoid - although I don't know if you will find it on any product label affixed by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, they all "claim" to be safe if not dry heated to excessively high temperatures, at which time harmful gasses will be emitted.

    If you google search "safe nonstick cookware", you'll find lots of info, although much of it is dated 2006-2008.

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      some manufacturers label theirs as PFOA free.