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Mar 3, 2010 08:02 AM

Between Toronto and St. Catharines?

I'm new to Ontario, and planning a trip to St. Catharines for Easter weekend.

Any hidden gems along the way? Farmers markets, restaurants, cheese shops, farms, etc?

Anything gluten-free would be lovely as well.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can only comment on what you might find in Burlington, but it's a decent "pausing" point in the drive.

    A nice lunch stop - Grinning Gourmand, a fabulous downtown cafe (and this whole area is very close for you to get back on the highway) which has also been carrying artisan cheeses recently, though probably nothing you wouldn't find in TO. Great service, good baked goods, nice food with fresh ingredients. A good place to stop for a quick bite and certainly a "gem."

    For my favourite chocolates in the world (have lived in Switzerland, travelled extensively through Europe, and these still top my list) try Casteleyn. It's on Brant Street (the same street as Grinning's) but closer to the lake. They also make lovely cafe mochas with their own chocolate shavings. A decadent "must" whenever I go back to Burlington.

    There's a farmer's market at the Burlington Mall that may be operating by then, but I'm not sure it's anything particularly remarkable compared to what you'll likely find in/around St. Catherine's.

    I'm sorry if none of this is particularly helpful for the gluten-free requirements! Good luck with the trip!

    1. Hutch's for fish & chips (Hamilton)
      Easterbrook's for a Hot Dog (Burlington beach)
      Denningers if you want to shop for great international foods, meats and cheeses.

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        Treadwell is outstanding! In Port Dalhousie (the St. Catherines waterfront)

      2. the following are all wonderful and well worth the visit:

        tea at the beam house in beamsville (


        august restaurant in beamsville (


        13 mountain street in grimsby (


        white meadows maple syrup farm in pelham (


        upper canada cheese factory in jordan (



        1. Hey, there are tons of Celiac-friendly places in St Catharines.

          My Silver Lining -
          1065 Hwy. 8
          Winona, On
          L8E 5H8 (Just minutes from the QEW, between Fruitland and Fifty Rd.
          )*Totally gluten free restaurant/cafe.

          Antipastos di Roma
          •87 Hannover Drive (St Catharines) (905) 641-5211
          *Offers gluten-free options.

          Cafe Amore
          •211 Martindale Road (St Catharines) (905) 988-6404
          •183 Lake Street (St Catharines) (905) 988-1794
          *Gluten-free pasta available.

          La Scala Ristorante
          •26 Church Street (St Catharines) (905) 684-5448
          *Gluten-free pasta available.

          Roberto's Pizza
          •109 Martindale Road (St Catharines) (905) 684-3333
          *Offers gluten-free pizza crust.

          Spice of Life
          •12 Lock Street (St Catharines) (905) 937-9027
          *Offers gluten-free pizza and soup.

          The Valley Restaurant
          •93 Arthur Street (St Catharines) (905) 646-4000
          *Gluten-free pasta available.

          Also, check out for tons more places in Toronto and other cities.

          1. The Kitchen House at Peninsula Ridge
            13 Mountain St
            August (the old Walsh's)
            About Thyme just west of there
            There is a gluten free bakery/wholesaler just west of the lights in Vineland and I can't remember the name.