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Mar 3, 2010 07:50 AM

Seafood Shack

Heard a number of people mention this spot on Webb Chappel over the years and considering a visit. Thoughts?

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  1. I like it. Inexpensive (especially if you hit the specials) and some pretty tasty stuff. I had some fish-filled tacos dorados that were outstandingly golden and crisp. The cocktels and ceviche tostadas are good as well - the tostadas are about 4" in diameter, and piled about 2" high with ceviche - and cost something like $1 each on special (can't remember which day, though... might be monday?).

    1. I love this place. I go to lunch there every Monday for their shrimp tostadas. They are addictively delicious! And, only $2.25 each on Mondays. I order mine with extra avocado on top.The oysters are .25 each on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't remember because I don't like their oysters. I had them once and I would never eat them there again.
      Their fish soup is fabulous! It's a "must have". The, Seafood Shack is definitely a different experience and one worth trying.
      Although 99% of their customers are Hispanic, all the help speak English and are very helpful albeit, somewhat slow.

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        What twin said.

        I have actually had their oysters many times, and where as I haven't gotten ill, I always consider I might. Most recent trip for the oysters was a few weeks ago.

        I do like the ceviche tostadas, and I do not remember the special dates as it has been a while since I went in for those. Oyster day is Tuesdays. I am sure tostada day is Mondays. The shrimp, as twin mentioned, iare 2.25 and the pescado ceviche is like a buck fifty.

        The fish is heavy and caution one piece. Everything else is pretty amazing. If there is a line, and there always is, check out the various tables for something different. The whole grilled talapia is fantastic. The boiling pots are great, and come slathered in a nice spicy sauce that will send you to the washroom to clean up several times.

        Cheap and good.

      2. They also have a drive thru for fast services-great fried catfish and shrimp.

        1. Ah yes you are talking about the place next to two guys. I thought it was just okay, but I have not tried some of the foods mentioned here. I did the cajun style fried food on my last couple of visits.

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          1. re: irodguy

            Personally, after eating a spread of items there over the last year, now I never consider eating anything on the menu other than the fish soup and the ultra delicious, shrimp tostadas. With extra avocado, of course.