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Mar 3, 2010 07:42 AM

Need moderate priced nice place for dinner in Beverly Hills----on a Monday.

I have been assigned the task of picking the restaurant for a dinner this Monday preferably in Beverly Hills or near by. As one of my former business associates is picking up the tab, it needs to be very moderately priced (think Cheesecake Factory or El Torito Grill). It also needs to serve booze/wine and needs to be nice--no holes in the wall or deli's and nothing too ethnic and hopefully not a chain. There will be 5 of us. I was thinking maybe Kate Mantilinni but that is all I could come up with. Any ideas? I realize this might be a challenge. TIA.

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  1. Enoteca Drago (Italian) on Canon Drive used to have a 3 course $32 prix fixe. You might check with them if they still offer that.

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      We like Drago too. Moderately priced. Great pastas and pizzas.

    2. Maybe Porterhouse Bistro - it's a steak house but they also have chicken and fish. They have a prix fixe - 4 courses & 2 cocktails for $43.50 per person.

      1. Bevery center has that Grand Lux Cafe (i believe its a Cheesecake Factory offshoot)

        1. Kate Mantilini can get kind of pricey -- I don't think of it as all that moderately priced. On South Beverly Drive Piccolo Paradiso is very good, though maybe it falls under the category of ethnic. It's a Drago brother place, but not as expensive as Enoteca or some of the others. Same is true of another Drago place -- IL Buco on Robertson just north of Wilshire. Very good Italian, nice space, pretty reasonable prices. Frida on South Beverly has upscale Mexican food in a nice setting. A bit pricier than El Torito Grill (which itself can get surprisingly expensive for what you get and a branch of which is on Camden at Wilshire) the food at Frida is much, much better and the space much more elegant. The Farm on North Beverly Drive has fans, but I've found it inconsistent and it can quickly get expensive depending on what you order. Further west, at the Westside Pavilion, is Westside Tavern. Terrific bar with very good, sometimes excellent food at pretty reasonable prices.

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            I second Westside Tavern but know they do not take reservations.

          2. so many good suggestions!!! thank you all. I <heart> this board.