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Where to find rabbit in DFW

Where to find rabbit in DFW?

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  1. I'll assume you mean for cooking, I believe they have frozen rabbit at Central Market - Dallas. I would also recommend calling Rudolphs. They can get pretty much anything with advance warning.

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      Fiesta on Ross and also the one on South Buckner both have rabbit in the freezer bins. There are usually interesting goodies in the freezers of the Fiesta on Garland Road and Jupiter, too. I buy them regularly to make Paella.

    2. Central Market does have frozen rabbits, but way over priced in my opinion

      1. Bavarian Gril in Plano does bunny seasonally and is really GREAT. You may want to call ahead. This is popular with many German styles so you may want to check others.

        1. The Carnival Super Market in Oak Cliff has it.

          1. Believe I've seen it at Whole Foods ...

            1. Fiesta on Ross has inexpensive frozen whole rabbits (?Chinese) and Kuby's in Snyder Plaza has Pel-Freeze whole frozen ones for slightly less than the same at Central Market , but still more than twice as much as the Fiesta rabbits.

              1. Raw, for cooking? Ask your grocer's butcher (I shop several hours west of you near Abilene, and we still have butchers in our United stores, ymmv) you may be surprised. I recently saw a whole rabbit in the meat case. This week's surprise was cabrito.

                I think even small grocery stores are beginning to realize their customer base is more "adventurous" than chicken breast/ground beef/pork chops, and happily switching things up a bit.

                ETA: My 12 year old was not thrilled with either rabbit OR the goat offerings. She's a first-worlder, for sure.

                1. Central Market has it frozen at $9.99/lb while Fiesta (Spring Valley & Coit) has it at $4.99/lb.

                  I've always seen it in stock at Fiesta.

                  It was the guys at Rudolph's that told me to go to Fiesta for rabbit, pigs heads and other such cuts as they always have it and it will be cheaper.

                  1. you say dfw and everyone assumes dallas. being from fort worth. ive seen rabbit at my local kroger in the freezer i wanna say around $13. now that i know this exsist ill begin to look more!