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Mar 3, 2010 07:06 AM

salzburg austria

any must-dos?

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  1. See some comments I recently made here:

    Otherwise, one place I haven't visited since it was reopened is the Schloss Monchstein, which was a Relais and Chateau property and while a great hotel a typical hotel restaurant. If you visit, please report.

    If you're a beer drinker a visit to the brewery and beerhall Augustiner (not related to the Munich brewery) is fun. Guests take their Krug to the barkeep for filling and self-wash.

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      When was Schloss Monchstein reopened? We were in Salzburg in 2005 and made the mistake of having lunch there. Ordinary food at high prices. The big joke was ordering the dessert called "secrets of the castle" which was a surprise, so you might think it would be something wonderful. Turned out to be a very large ice cream sundae of no distinction. This place was a tourist trap, though at our weekday lunch we were the only customers, so I don't know how many tourists they managed to trap. I hope any new incarnation would be better. I would recommend Goldener Hirsch, which may seem to be touristy but actually has wonderful food (specializing in game, venison in particular), nice atmosphere, and excellent service.

    2. I can recommend two more places, both right in the city, but no tourist traps

      Carpe diem, and the URL says it all:

      Riedenburg, a high end place worth every cent:

      1. I am visiting Salzburg the week of July 5th 2010. Any dining suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I speak enough German to be able to communicate with a non English speaker.