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Mar 3, 2010 06:52 AM

Wilmington, DE area - is it included on this board?

When the regional boards were reorganized, I'm positive I remember reading that northern DE would be included with the Philly board, and that made a lot of sense to me. But I just noticed that the sub-heading for this board says, "Philadelphia (inc. New Jersey suburbs)" with no mention of northern DE. It also appears that all of DE has been swallowed up by the mid-Atlantic board. Is that right? And if so, I wonder why?

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  1. So do I. Also note that altho it's clear the Phil board includes NJ burbs, it's less clear as to whether or which PA bubs are included. Guess we have to guess - I don't recall it was ever spelled out.

    1. The sticky post on the board explicitly lists Wilmington and the entire "metro area" with I guess is Philly + the 4 surrounding counties. Doesn't explain why all of DE is currently on the MA board. I agree that the the subheading is poor and that may be why.

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      1. re: barryg

        I'm not crazy after all! There was a time, brief as it was, when DE was included on this Philly board. In my own old post, I refer to the clarification. However, for some reason, the link in that post has been removed.

        DE is really lost on that MA board, and it's cumbersome to sift through that board to read new DE posts. I can't imagine why it was changed from what was a logical inclusion.

        1. re: CindyJ

          It is a pain checking two boards but to be honest with you I think I understand the reasoning behind this. Seriously, aside from Toscana and Domaine (or whatever it is called these days), how many CC dwellers would be interested in what meager food offerings Delaware has?

          1. re: bluehensfan

            While it's true that many CC residents don't trek into Wilmington for a meal, those of us who live in the western 'burbs certainly do. And, conversely, there are plenty of DE folks who travel into CC or the burbs for dining. In fact, I assume folks in DE are much more likely to dine in PA than they are to dine in nearby MD.

            1. re: bluehensfan

              Have you not been to Orillas Tapas? They are knocking out some fabulous dishes.

        2. Well, here's one. I'm not going to truck in to Phil for a meal very often and the pickings in Wilmington are certainly on a par with what one can find in West Chester, etc. Fershure there's Talulas Table and Sovanna Bistro but one can get tired of even very good repeats (along with heavy pricing). Part of the problem is where one lives in relation to where the good stuff is.

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          1. re: danbee1

            I agree that thw stuff in Chester County is not much better (save for Talulah's and Sovana). Then again, that is on a third board...

            1. re: bluehensfan

              Wait a minute -- what am I missing? What "third board" are you referring to?

              Also, if you travel a bit further into Chesco than the "border towns," you'll find there are quite a few better-than-average dining spots. There's Gilmore's and Birchrunville Cafe for fine dining, and West Chester has a number of smaller restaurants that are worth exploring.

              1. re: CindyJ

                I was meaning that the Chester County reviews are on the Pennsylvania board so it's a third place to check...

                1. re: bluehensfan

                  Oh, right! It's funny, since the establishment of the Philly board, I rarely browse the Pennsylvania board anymore. I consider Chester County (as well as Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware counties) to be a part of the Philly board. I sure wish whoever is holding the reins at CH would clarify this for us. Maybe, if they're not personally familiar with the area, they've made some faulty assumptions about what the Philadelphia area includes -- and doesn't.

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    I think the answer is that no system is perfect. The CH mods are likely not that familiar with what we refer to as the "Tri-State Area" nor the eating habits of folks in the "Greater Philadelphia" area. IMHO, Delaware has always been an afterthought. Having said that, what are your favorite places in Wilmington? The pickings are really slim. We used to go to Eclipse but one of our friends said that he'd recently been there and it wasn't as good as it used to be. We usually go into Philly or somewhere in Chester County when we want to eat out.

                    1. re: Rondo

                      Folks, please keep this discussion about the food. Debates of board geographies belongs on our Site Talk board. If you want to discuss that, please take that conversation to Site Talk.

                      1. re: The Chowhound Team

                        Maybe this thread should be moved over to Site Talk; then maybe we can resolve the confusion regarding where to post questions about Philly's Western suburbs.

                      2. re: Rondo

                        In Wilmington, my hands-down favorite is Moro on North Scott St. Other places I like quite a bit are Domaine Hudson (did I hear it's been renamed Domaine Wilmington?) and Toscana in Trolley Square. And of course, the best wine store in the state, and in the entire region for that matter, right next door to Toscana, is Moore Brothers. Oh, for casual dining, I also like Catherine Rooney's and Kid Shelleen's, both in Trolley Square.

                        There's also a place I just heard about recently that I'm wanting to try. It's the Dumpling House on W. 11th St. It was recommended by someone whose taste in restaurants I trust completely. And, a unique feature in Wilmington, it's BYO.

                        1. re: CindyJ

                          Yes, you heard correctly, Domaine Hudson changed its name to Domaine Wilmington. Don't know why. Went there once, won't do it again, food was good but the waiter was one of the most pretentious asses we've ever come across. I'm sure he meant well and thought he was dazzling us with his knowledge of wine and cheese but he basically ruined the meal for us. Friends of ours that live in Wilmington want to take us to a tapas place, don't know the name. Ever been to any tapas restaurants down there (can't imagine there are that many)? If so, what did you think of it?

                          1. re: Rondo

                            Please note that our name is and continues to be Domaine Hudson wine bar & eatery. Domaine Wilmington is not correct. It is simply a nickname/abreviation that some of our customers refer to us as.

                            Tom Hudson, Owner
                            Domaine Hudson wine bar & eatery

                            1. re: Domaine

                              Thanks - I think the name "change" was actually in the Inquirer. I have never been disappointed in the food or the service at Domaine Hudson - it's the only place we eat in Wilmington!

                              1. re: Bigley9

                                You're right I remember reading about it in the Inky too. We had a great meal at Domaine a few years back nd got to try a lot of stuff because we were with a local food critic (who gave it good marks). I honestly think I'd go there more if it weren't for the location...

                                  1. re: liddy

                                    Maybe if Tom Hudson checks back, he can shed some light on this. I'm pretty sure I read it in the Inquirer, too, as did a couple of other posters in this thread.

                                    1. re: liddy

                                      Also this from the News-Journal (not Spark despite the link):
                                      which is linked to from Domaine Hudson's own web site.

                                      1. re: MrRuffles

                                        Maybe the new name did not work out? Odd...

                                  2. re: Rondo

                                    Orillas Tapas is downtown in Wilmington and is just amazing. I've been a few times- great family, great atmosphere, and fantastic food. I've been dreaming about their apple walnut empanadas all week...

                    2. I for one will continue to post about Wilmington on the Mid-Atlantic board. First, it is the easiest place to find information about Wilmington--there is not much traffic on that board, now that the overwhelming number of posts about New Jersey have gone. (I'm very surprised by CindyJ's post that it is cumbersome to search for DE posts on the MA board--in fact it is vastly less cumbersome now than it used to be!)

                      Second, it has the big benefit of being the home of all the historical posts. Most of the restaurant questions asked in this very thread could be easily answered by a quick search of the MA board for "Wilmington".

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                      1. re: travelmad478

                        Yes, I agree with you that the Mid-Atlantic board is less cumbersome now that it's been revamped, but I also find it much less useful. Twisted as it may be, I consider Wilmington to be a "suburb" of Philly, just as much as any of the other western suburbs are. And just as it remains unclear whether the western suburbs are considered a part of the Philly board (IMHO, they definitely belong on the Philly board), so there's some question about the inclusion of Wilmington on that board as well. Maybe it's just me -- my usual, everyday travels take me into northern DE; why, then, would that not be considered my local board?

                        1. re: CindyJ

                          Hm, as a 12-year resident of Wilmington (previously a resident of Philly), I don't consider Wilmington to be a suburb of Philly at all. I really like the fact that Wilmington is now one of the more prominent places on the Mid-Atlantic board. Before the recent shake-up of boards, my M. O. was to check both the PA and Mid-Atlantic boards regularly--because I live in the Mid-Atlantic and also eat frequently in PA (Philly, Kennett, etc.). Now I will still check the Mid-Atlantic board, which has gotten much easier to deal with, and the Philly board, which is also nicer now that I don't have to sift through posts on Harrisburg and Pittsburgh etc. It all makes my life easier. I don't find it a hardship to look at two boards, since it was always that way.

                          And I agree with you, the western suburbs of Philly in PA belong on the Philly board.