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Private Dining Room at North Scottsdale Restaurant?

I'm planning a client dinner for about 12 people and would appreciate any tips or recommendations for a nice restaurant with a private dining room. The client is around Shea and the 101, so anything in that general area or a 15 minute drive would be good. Thanks!!

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  1. Both Lon's and Sassi could work, though you might be looking at 20-25 minutes of driving, instead of 15.

    Lon's At the Hermosa
    5532 N Palo Cristi Rd, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

    10455 E Pinnacle Peak Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

    1. I have tried to put together two separate dinner functions in this area and it ain't easy. In any case you are going to be in for a drive. I ended doing one at Mosaic, now sadly closed and the other at Lon's. Both were outstanding and Lon's has a great atmosphere. You are going to find, as I did, that very few restaurants have private rooms. In addition to the two places mentioned, you might also try Fleming's (DC Ranch and Scottsdale Road - not sure which is closer) and Roy's, also on Scottsdale Road. The Royal Palms has several nice rooms. Good luck and if you find other restaurants with private rooms in this area please let us know.

      1. Again, closer to 20 minutes than 15, but the private chef's table at Elements (of which Rubee spoke rather highly earlier today) is scheduled to open in early March and has a view of the kitchen.

        1. Not a "Chowhound" type place by any means, but I think Carrabba's at Scottsdale and Frank Lloyd Wright has a private room. There are a few other chain-type places at Kierland that you could check with.

          1. Thanks for the responses, everyone. Restauranteurs, looks like there is a need out there!

            1. Royal Palms has a great room in T. Cooks that seats 14. Cowboy Ciao has a "room" for more private parties (its heavy drapes, but it works). elements could accomodate you. Bourbon Steak at the Princess has a great private room.

              Good luck


              1. Bloom has a glass walled room that was quite nice for a birthday a couple years ago.

                1. You should dine at Talavera at the Four Seasons Resort. 12 people is about the max in their private dining room. About 15- 20 minutes from Shea and 101. Mastro's Ocean club would also be a good choice.

                  1. I would be a little weary of Cowboy Caio if you are trying to do business, as it is very noisy. If you are looking for a more festive atmosphere, that might work.

                    Capital Grill has a private room, and is close by at Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Road..

                    Recently had a work function at PF Changs at Kierland. They have a private table, which is between the restaurant and the kitchen. It was a unique atmosphere, with lots of activity. Again, not conducive to serious business, but festive. Normally, I steer away from chains, but PFs was started here, so they get a pass more often from me.

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                      I did several of these for my employer in this location. Both dinners and lunches.

                      Flemings (all locations) - I did several business function there and they were terrific
                      Mortons (all locations)
                      Ruth Cris (all locations)
                      Roy's (They also did an excellent job, but for full disclosure, my experience was some years ago at the now-closed downtown location. But I'd be confident in that choice)
                      Mastro's-a bit diffcult to work with
                      TPC (again, very good, esp. the excellent service)
                      Capital Grille (good, but not the same level of service and helpfulness as Flemings)
                      Donovan's - changed room on us without notice. Cannot recommend (though the food was delicious)
                      Maggiano's - not fancy, but they do a helluva job with this kind of thing at a far more reasonable price. The food is better than you'd expect and enjoyed by all.
                      Cantina Laredo - can't recommend. Told us it was a private room, and it was really just a glassed in area. Food was average at best.
                      North & Bloom - never used them personally, but it's an option. do check if the room is really private, if that is important to you.
                      Eddie V's - I actually canceled a large holiday party here - VERY difficult to work with. Inflexible beyond belief. Obnoxious to be blunt.

                      Hope this helps.