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Mar 3, 2010 06:14 AM

Preparing Dry Hominy

I have a bag of dry hominy from Kalustyan's that I'm struggling to figure out how to cook. I can't tell if the recipes involving soaking in lye or baking soda are for MAKING hominy from whole corn or PREPARING purchased dry hominy. My Joy of Cooking offers the clearest advice--it says to soak the dry hominy for at least 8 hours then boil for 2, which I'm currently doing, but I don't want to plan on a nice pozole supper if I'm still going to have to lye, shell, and flower this stuff after those ten hours are up. Can anyone give me a definitive answer? The description on the bag is as follows: "Posole,White,Giant/ White Corn Hominy( Algonquian), It Is An Unusually Largest White Corn Kernals, Hulled & Germ Removed" and it looks like bloated corn kernels that don't appear (though I may be wrong) to have skins. They do, however, have little feet where I presume they used to be attached to the cob, but the feet are white, not black, as in all of the lye recipes...

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  1. Just soak it and cook it. Like dried beans.

    1. One of the purposes (perhaps the main one in cultures that didn't know about vitamins and amino acids) of the lye soak is to loosen the skin so it can be hulled. So this already has had the lye soak. Just give your self plenty of time to cook it. My experience with Peruvian hulled corn (mote) is that it takes a lot longer to cook than the package says.

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        Thanks, both of you! I feel much more confident now--but I'll certainly start cooking it as soon as the 8 hours are up.