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Mar 3, 2010 06:08 AM

Restaurant venue for Sunday Afternoon private party - 40 people

I am looking for a restaurant to do a private party for a Sunday afternoon. In Toronto. Prefer bistro but open to other ideas. Would love to hear some ideas.

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    1. re: Rabbit

      Second Le Select! Wonderful place.

    2. Would this be 40 seated for dining? Or a standing/cocktail/reception kind of thing.

      1. Both Le Select and Globe would fit the bill.

        1. The Drake has a great outdoor patio that's covered and heated... lots of fun, especially if it's sunny...

          What about Michelle's Brasserie in Yorkville for French? No one really mentions that place on CH...

          Pastis Express... but not sure if they're open on Sunday.

          What about the Rosewater? I can't comment on the food lately as I haven't been, but I did attend a festival party and the hors d'oeuvres were great... They have nice, big beautiful private rooms...

          Le Paradis - everyone can fit on the lower level - if they're open on Sunday...

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          1. re: Moimoi

            Michelle's has closed I do believe.

          2. Also... I LOVE the elegance of Scaramouche... Beautiful, open windows and natural light and such a dramatic, grand entrance for sure... Oh, and great, free bar snacks.

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            1. re: Moimoi

              Thanks hounds. those are some intriguing ideas. I am going to follow up on them. Any more suggestions, still appreciated.

              1. re: jmk60

                Well, after checking out a half dozen places, I settled on Melanie's Bistro on Danforth. She is all on one floor (including bathrooms), great food, and accommodating attitude. My close second choice was Sauvignon on Queen East, but it was a bit small for my group. Select sounded ok, but a bit too corporate. Ditto for Globe and Grano. These last 2 were also more expensive. I like family run businesses.

                1. re: jmk60

                  Just to round the circle on this discussion. I had 47 people in my party at Melanie's Bistor lastt month and the service, vaule, food quality and overall experience were excellent. I'm really glad I did it there.