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Mar 3, 2010 06:05 AM

The gift of fondue

I'm trying to come up with a birthday present for my mom, a woman who doesn't really need anything. She recently bought herself an electric fondue pot for family get-togethers (we're really into cheese) and I am thinking about putting together a fondue-themed gift basket. Any suggestions for what to include other than a fondue cookbook, a bottle of kirsch and maybe some good cheese? Her pot came with fondue forks and she won't need sterno. Thanks for your help!

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  1. How about a bottle of wine? Is she interested in chocolate fondue? Maybe a few bars/chips of good chocolate?

    1. Find a good recipe for fondue, assemble all the ingredients and put them together in a basket for your mom. I've made this recipe many times:
      You could buy the Champagne, the three different cheeses and another bottle of Champagne to drink with the fondue. It's very rich and absolutely delicious. Sometimes I think the hardest part of making fondue is gathering all the bits together to make it. The rest is dead simple.

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        That recipe looks really good. There are so many comments to the recipe, do you follow the recipe as is or are there any changes that you make?

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          With the exception of subbing another fizzy wine in the fondue itself - Prosecco or Cava - I follow the recipe exactly. Because I usually make it for at least 4 to 6 people, I generally double the recipe and it still turns out great. I'm not a huge fan of kirsch, so this version appeals to me. Not so in your face alcoholic, but still very creamy, really good.

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            <I'm not a huge fan of kirsch, so this version appeals to me. Not so in your face alcoholic, but still very creamy, really good.>

            that is exactly why it appealed to me. Thanks!

      2. If your Mom enjoys shopping for cheese, maybe a gift certificate to a fav cheese shop along with the fixings, a few recipes, a few small bowls and a nice bottle of wine. Nice idea for Mom! Enjoy!

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          This would be my recommendation, along with a suggestion to be creative. So many people think that fondue is always made with 50% Gruyere and 50% Emmentaler. In fact, many other Alpine cheeses could be, and are, sometimes used, for example:

          Vacherin Fribourgeois
          Fontina Val d'Aosta (but not supermarket Fontina, which bears little resemblance)
          Raclette (yes, Raclette can be used in a fondue)
          American Alpine-style cheeses like Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Tarentaise

          If there's no good cheese shop near you, there are numerous mail order options.

        2. There are also fondue plates. I always thought the compartments were for condiments when doing a hot oil/meat fondue, but this link shows them also used to divide dunking
          items for a cheese fondue.

          Maybe some themed paper napkins like this link for a basket stuffer.

          1. Excellent...thank you all!