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Mar 3, 2010 06:03 AM

I'll admit...I'm a Convoy Street Novice.

Dumpling Inn for the pan fried tofu them but I need to venture out.
Where does this Convoy street novice go for good food.
I don't do red meat (burger and patty melt).. love tofu, chicken and fish.
Would love to know your fave places and dishes!

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  1. If you love tofu, I think you will like Tofu House. I dig their Korean style Chef's Special boiled tofu bowls to which I add a raw egg or two from the basket on the table.

    Since you already are familiar with the Dumpling Inn, order their jellyfish salad, it rocks.

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      1. re: Captain Jack

        There are multiple tofu houses on Convoy, most of which are named "Tofu House" - I assume you are talking about the one that shares a strip mall with Tapioca Express and O'Briens?

        1. re: hye

          Yes hye, thats the one I am talking about

      2. Yakyudori Ramen and soon to be Yakitori
        Izakaya Sakura
        Yogurt World
        Crepe World
        Tapioca Express
        Dede's Tea Juice House
        Tsuruhashi Japanese BBQ

        in the general area but not on Convoy:
        Ba Ren
        Buga Korean BBQ
        Sab e Lee

        I think I'm forgetting some but I can't think anymore.

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        1. re: daantaat

          I'd also add Sushi Dokoro Shirahama...

          ...and as a side note to BC Sab E Lee, while technically not on Convoy, is just off the same piece of pavement, Linda Vista Rd, which is the southern extension of Convoy...

          1. No one hate me for this,

            this is really not traditional or real asian necessarily but its greasy, tasty and a cheap lunch. Chopstix or Chopstix too (two) preferably
            i think its like $6 for Chicken-katsu + salad + rice + miso soup + crunchy tempura roll

            there's other combos too either way though i love going here, keep in mind its not "traditional asian"

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            1. re: Kacid

              I ate there a couple of times when I was first exploring Convoy St. It was soon dropped from the rotation. I think the cheapness is the only virtue.

              1. re: Kacid

                katsu, udon and ramen are all traditional Japanese. The issue is quality. Chopstix's best thing going for it is that it's cheap and fast. As better Japanese has sprung up around Convoy, it's ended up lower on the rotation.

                1. re: daantaat

                  Plus, both Okan and Sakura have lunches that are not much more expensive than $6.

                  1. re: hye

                    Last time I had the lunch special at Sakura it was about 12 bucks. It was worth every penny and a comical variety of delicious food. Is there now a more economical lunch set?

                    1. re: stevuchan

                      Most of their non-special lunchtime menu options are less than $12 and do come with some combination of rice, soup, pickled vegetables (sunomono), and/or salad. Which sides you get seems to depend on the main dish. (from browsing through

              2. Our favorites in no particular order:

                Convoy Tofu House
                Izakaya Sakura
                Dumpling Inn
                Crab Hut
                Original Pancake House