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Mar 3, 2010 06:02 AM

ACC Tourney Greensboro

Looking for a place to drink and watch games. Any sports or campus bars? Will also hit Stameys

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  1. I'd skip Stamey's, unless you're going for nostalgic reasons. They've gone way downhill. JP Looney's is a sports bar fairly close to the Coliseum, at the corner of Spring Garden Street and Holden Road.

    1. For better beer try Natty Greens or Greys Tavern. Can't vouch for the food though

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      1. re: quazi

        Not sure i'd necessarily agree with the better beer may be true, but Looney's has a pretty wide selection, including some of Natty's brews, I believe. In any event, I wouldn't describe Natty's as a sports bar. Its a great place and I like it, but its not a sports bar, which what the OP asked for.

        1. re: quazi

          Natty's was great, beer and atmosphere the way to go. Actually went back to Grey's tavern for lunch for a ripped hot dog. thx

        2. Spring Garden Bar and Pizzeria in the heart of UNCG might be a decent watering hole w/ a campus atmosphere. Can't vouch for the food but it will be packed.

          Natty's will hopping too.

          1. Not a sports bar but for great food I recommend Saigon at 4205 High Point Road.