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Mar 3, 2010 05:41 AM

Best of Morro Bay?

I will be in Morro Bay for a few days. Anything outstanding that I shouldn't miss?

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  1. Giovannis Fish Market is our favorite- not upscale, not fancy- but delicious smoked salmon collars, oysters, crab salad and the famous fish on a stick!!!

    Taco Temple after going to see the elephant seals is a family favorite.

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      Thanks JM! Giovannis sounds great. One of our group says the Galley is good for seafood. Do you know if it is good? Its description makes me think it is a tourist stop.

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        The Galley's seafood is excellent, simply prepared and always fresh.
        I had delightful sand dabs recently and they are among the best ever.
        The calimari steak is fine.

    2. I second Giovanni's, especially their fresh crab quesadilla. This is a very casual fish market with some outdoor seating, order at the window type of place.

      For finer dining:
      - Shawn's on Main. This is a little gem, regional wine country small plates divided into first, second and third courses. Open just for dinner, closed Tuesday and Wednesdays. Our favorite restaurant in the area, small, intimate and unique.
      - Giancarlo's on Morro Bay Blvd for italian. Very nice to sit in the bar and enjoy the show.
      - Window's on the Water on the Embarcadero. Unbeatable views. Their entrees can be hit or miss, but generally the seafood is quite good.

      Enjoy your trip.

      1. If you like chocolate, Morro Bay Mud Fudge is very nice. Elegantly peresented and very smooth; many flavors. Just off Main Street (around the corner of the building at 898 Main), a block from Morro Bay Blvd.

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          We regularly go for breakfast at Carla's Country Kitchen
          213 Beach Street, (805) 772-9051

          Remember that all the places mentioned wil be found in the MENU magazine available everywhere in SLO county area. It is available online at

        2. If you like sushi, the best sushi bar (expensive) on the coast is Harada's on the Embarcadero. The best....
          Oysters, buy an oyster knife at Giovanni's, and on Sat or Sun about noon go to the boat dock just north of Giovanni's between noon and 4, and get some local oysters from the oyster farm.
          There is an avocado farm on Hiway 41 about two miles out of town. Might be worth a stop if you like avos.
          If your're there for a few days, one nite go up to Cambria, and hit the Sea Chest on Moonstone Dr. Good seafood, simply prepared. No reservations, no credit cards, --- suggestion, sit at the counter where you can watch the cooks.

          Taco Temple in north Morro Bay next to Spencer's market is a good stop.

          Finally, there is the Thurs nite market in San Luis where you can get different kinds of street food.

          1. Morro Bay was Fabulous! Thanks for the helpful hints. We ended up trying Giovannis, and Taco Temple both were great. We stayed at the Inn at Morro Bay, and ended up eating at the bar one night, with Scott taking care of us. The Abalone app. was outstanding, and the seared tuna was also very good. We also walked on the trail past the Natural History Museum to the Bayside Cafe for a very memorable sunset dinner of "Bayside Steamers" and clam chowder. The homemade carrot cake should not be missed. Moist on the inside, not too sweet with the cream cheese frosting. A great central coast trip! (Stan D, we were on our way back by the time your post came in. We will try the local oysters on the next trip.)

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              Glad you enjoyed your visit- we love the Bayside too- hope you went inside at the Natural History Museum- and walked on top of it!

              1. re: JalamaMama

                Unfortunately, the museum was closed while we were there. They were pouring new concrete at the entrance. We will catch it on the next trip. We really liked the vibe at Bayside. The perfect little casual beach shack.