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Mar 3, 2010 04:59 AM

ISO Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Anyone know where I can find a cast iron tortilla press?

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  1. Perola's in Kensington Market, or ask at the other latino shops there and they'll point you in the right direction.

    1. Tap Phong carries two different tortilla presses, one of which is cast iron.

      1. I found mine at Tap Phong, but it wasn't cast iron.... more of an aluminum... I think it was about $20-$30... more than I expected. Nothing compares to homemade tortillas, but if someone knows how I can make them into hard shells, that would be cool.

        As an fyi, get your corn flour at Loblaws, it's actually cheaper than in K Market, and might be fresher....

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        1. re: Moimoi

          Hard shell tacos are pretty much a creature of the North American industrial food system, although I bet there is an enterprising Old El Paso inspired American out there who has figured out a way to do it at home. If on the other hand you mean tostadas, just fry them flat, and flautas fry them after filling and rolling them up. Will avoid specifics as this is better discussed on Home Cooking.

          OP, I've also had problems with aluminum presses, I find there's more leverage with the heavier iron. However my MIL swears by wood. If you are handy I bet you could make one. This said I am pretty sure I have seen cast iron ones somewhere on Spadina, maybe Tap Phong as everyone else has suggested but I am sure I have seem them elsewhere around town hidden in the back of one of the vaguely Latin-ish knickknack stores. Will wrack brain and post if successful.

        2. Just make sure the upper and lower plates mate up. These aren't precision castings and "sample variation" is pretty common. I got mine years ago from the original "Fortune" on Spadina and recall rejecting a couple before finding one that worked. The cast aluminum and cast iron versions work equally well and suffer the same defects.

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          1. re: Kagemusha

            I have a cast aluminum one, but I find that it doesn't get them as thin as I'd like. I just isn't rigid enough and bulges in the centre when you press down making thin edges and a thicker centre.

            I haven't seen one in Tap Phong.... I looked, but will check again. I will also check Perola's. Thanks all.

            1. re: Derksen

              It's best to ask at Tap Phong, if you can manage past the language barrier. I never would have known where to find them otherwise. I'm pretty sure that they are in the left most aisle as you walk in from the door. About 20 feet down on your right hand side. Unless, of course, they've been moved. I bought mine last summer.

              1. re: TorontoJo

                I think I will head over there on the weekend to find out.

                WRT a wooden press.... the condo doesn't work too well as a workshop unfortunately. I own a hammer, swiss army knife, and multi-screw driver. Trying to make a press with those tools would be entertaining, as long as I wasn't the one making it. ;)

                1. re: Derksen

                  i got mine in tap phong as well
                  i find using a zip loc bag wrapped on each side makes for easy use and cleanup after

                  1. re: CoffeeAddict416

                    Cast iron? Recently?

                    I do the cut zip lock method, and agree. Easy clean up, no stick.

                    1. re: Derksen

                      sorry i should clarify it was cast aluminum but it's of a signnifcant weight (5lb?) that it may as well be cast iron

                      it does the job though! But I find it's almost too much work now to make tortillas when i can plan ahead and drop by la tortillera and get a stack of fresh amazing tortillas for next to nothing

                      and yes to the above poster who suggested lolbaws for corn flour. I use the maseca brand and it has a good taste and texture