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26th Btwn 8th and 9th?

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Any ideas for at tasty and not too expensive dinner for this vicinity on Saturday night? No Mexican.


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  1. Check out:
    Tre Dici
    Hill Country
    Tipsy Parson


      1. It's short on ambiance, but the food at Mooncake (30th/8th) is great for the price.

        1. Company, Txiquito, both on 9th between 24th and 25th

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            Txiquito seems to be closed for renovations this week. Last time I checked, anyway. But Co. is a good idea.

              1. I'd recommend two that have already been mentioned, both Italian--Biricchino and Le Zie. Biricchino is a bit more sedate and homey, and the food's good, but I think the food's more interesting at Le Zie (Venetian), and the room's more lively. But Biricchino is closer to your location.


                1. Trestle on Tenth, Bottino, Ovest. All rather west though.